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Experts insist on interval training

Эксперты настаивают на интервальных тренировках A quick and effective way to maintain a good shape.

Many athletes to prepare for competition use interval training. Their essence lies in the alternation of physical activity of low and high intensity.

Interval training has also become popular thanks to the technique developed by Professor and head of the Department of kinesiology McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada.

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Interval training saves time

Using the technique of interval training can save time, getting the same result as during prolonged physical exercise. In addition, small studies have explored the possibility to use techniques short intense exercise among people with heart failure, diabetes type II diabetes and other diseases.

The main idea is the alternation of intense exercise with recovery or low-intensity exercise with rest. Such training can give even better results than physical exercise. There are different types of interval workouts and you can choose to your taste.

In his book “One minute workout” (“The One Minute Workout: Science Shows a Way to Get Fit That’s Smarter, Faster, Shorter”), the Professor was Gibala explains the psychology and history of interval training, and also offers a mode metered loads.

One of the options is based on one-minute hard workout plus 9 minute warm-up plus recovery and cooling. This technique in the study of Professor Gibala and his colleagues improves markers of health compared to the 45-minute session.

In his interview, the Professor was Gibala told about the main types of exercises cardio.

Force high intensity interval training (High intensity interval training or HIIT). Heart rate during the class exceeds 80% of the human maximum.
Sprint training involves a cyclic high-speed running endurance. This type of load can be called highly intensive, the main source of energy here is the ATP-creatine (molecule-source of energy for all body processes, including the movement) and not glucose or fat, as with other types of running. Sprint training is much more complex than HITT.

Clearly there’s a tradeoff between intensity and duration of the training. The more intense the effort, the less the duration. Regarding effectiveness, the sprint workout win. But they are not for everyone. The body adapts to interval training of high intensity.

What happens to our body when increasing intensity of exercise? The Professor was Gibala stayed on the job muscles. And in this thread he has no equal.

– To increase the ability of muscles to burn fat using moderate intensity exercise, which is continuously long and stimulate the muscular system, or short super-intensive exercises. The results will be the same, – the Professor explains.

Indicator the fuel level can slowly to fall or to fall at lightning speed under strong tension. And in that and in other case, start the same process.

It is important to control the level of sugar in the blood

How to control your state during interval training?

Certainly consult with doctor before exercise – the decision on classes of this type will be approved individually, based on the state of your health.

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