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Experts have warned of the dangers of low-fat products

Эксперты предупредили об опасности обезжиренных продуктовAgain, the scientists focused on products that are often sold under the guise of dietary and healthy.

Experts said that a number of these products can cause adverse effects in the body.

According to a new study conducted at the University of Georgia, prepared foods designed to combat obesity, often have critically low amount of fat, but are saturated with sugar. Their use can contribute to unwanted weight gain, scientists believe.

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Experiment with rats showed that those animals that were given food with high sugar levels, but with low fat, gained weight and faced other problems, including damage to the liver and brain. In rodents, feeding on balanced food, such violation was.

“Most so-called diet foods with low or no fat has an increased amount of sugar and are disguised under fancy names, giving the impression that they are healthy. But the reality is that these products can damage the liver and lead to obesity. In the rats, consuming a low-fat food with high sugar content, intensity of accumulation of fat in the body was more than two times higher than in rats that ate a normal,” – said the chief researcher of the project Krzysztof Tea.

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