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Experts have warned about the dangers of even off of a smartphone

Эксперты предупредили об опасности даже выключенного смартфонаScientists became curious: do smart phones at the speed of thought user

The presence of a smartphone in sight distracting and leads to lower cognitive abilities, especially the ability to quickly consider in mind and make informed decisions.

The effect is observed even if the smartphone is turned off.

The researchers reported on the results of the experiment, which was invited to participate in almost eight hundred active users of smartphones. Scientists became curious: do smart phones at the speed of thought and, scientifically speaking, in their cognitive abilities.

The conclusion was disappointing. Affect. Moreover, there is no difference: the smartphone is turned on or off. In a situation when the phone is in field of view at arm’s length, people are hopelessly stupid. Moreover, there is no difference in education, income, erudition and other characteristics of human thinking. As soon as the field of view gets your smartphone, grows dull all the same.

So, in one of their experiments participants were asked to participate in tests for concentration and ability to retain and process information in the mind for a long time. Before testing, study participants received instructions in a certain way to place your switched off smartphone. Someone had to put gagdet down the screen, someone up, someone had been instructed to hide the smart in the pocket, some in your bag. Someone even agreed to leave the phone in another room. Of course, all participants had previously been asked to turn off devices.

It turned out that those study participants who left their phones in the next room, has bypassed when testing the others – those who have smart was there. The experiment was repeated several times, the participants are randomly changed. The results were the same: phone in the other room – the concentration of the owner above. As soon as the handset, even when switched off, is next – all party instantly fails all the indicators.

“We see a linear trend that shows that as soon as the smartphone becomes more noticeable, the availability of the cognitive abilities of participants reduced,” – said one of the study’s authors. “Your conscious mind does not think about your smartphone, but a process that requires you to think about something that uses some of your limited cognitive resources. It’s a leak of the brain.”

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