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Experts have told, where in Ukraine is the cheapest accommodation

Эксперты рассказали, где в Украине самое дешевое жильеTo know where the cheapest apartments in Ukraine.

The cheapest one-bedroom apartments in almost all cities of Ukraine are being sold on the outskirts of the settlements in the old housing stock.

The high cost of one-bedroom flats recorded in Odessa. The minimum price here starts from $25 thousand. To purchase a “dormitory” in the capital can be $14 thousand. Among the other Central regions of Ukraine the highest price for a Studio apartment marked in the river — from $17 thousand, and the lowest cost one-room apartments in Cherkasy and Kropiwnicki — from $11 thousand.

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In the Western part of Ukraine, the minimum price of one-room housing ranges in ranging from $10 thousand to $19 thousand. The highest price of apartments registered in Lviv and Chernivtsi — $19 thousand. Most inexpensive apartments are offered in Khmelnytskyi — from $10 thousand.

In the Eastern part of Ukraine the highest prices for one-bedroom apartments are traced in Kharkov — from $18 thousand, and the lowest value was noted in Zaporozhye — from $10 thousand.

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In the southern part of Ukraine, the highest rates recorded in Odessa — from $20 thousand. The minimum price recorded in Kherson — from $11 thousand.

In the Northern part of Ukraine the most expensive prices for apartment presented in sums from $14500 and the most affordable housing can be purchased in Chernigov — from $11 thousand.

Эксперты рассказали, где в Украине самое дешевое жилье

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