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Experts have told how the surveillance of the inhabitants of the Earth

Эксперты рассказали, как происходит слежка за жителями ЗемлиIt turns out that in the modern world are going to battle all means.

Now stretches ten South American teams, and each of them will receive their personal number, will automatically determine the tournament schedule. The first four teams at the end of two-round tournament will take place at the world Cup, and the fifth will play butt matches with the best ocean team.We are afraid to be hacked, but the biggest threat to privacy on the Internet is websites and Applications with which we cooperate on a Daily basis. Like following us Facebook, WhatsApp, Microsoft, Google.

Facebook monitors a third of the population of the Earth

More than hours Facebook keeps Users on the website, the more Data it can collect on each of us. This data is collected for advertisers who join the Facebook budget. To increase the chances of user interaction with the advertising, Facebook sorts their Users for different groups.

And if you’ve never zamyslovataya than in the feed Facebook you see same This is, and your friend bachit another – it’s all in the targeting. For example, Your mother in Kharkov birthday soon, then you have the ribbon appear on the Kharkiv florist and flowers delivery.

As you bachit Facebook can be found here, under “Your categories”. You can DELETE your category, but Facebook will not stop Showing ads or surati information about you. It preside to the fact that is in the tape condition Random.

This is only part of the information Yak Facebook “found” you and NOT poromivka to Share. Similar screens appear in the account preferences you pages, your friends ‘ status, location, career s even how you interact with other accounts or ads outside of Facebook.

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If you autorizovany in Facebook, the social network is able to track the sites you visit. Even if you are logged out, Facebook knows a lot from your browser. He gets information EVERY time you load a page with a button “Like” (Like) or “Share” (Share).

The Washington Post published 98 types of personal data that Facebook collects. Among all the data as to age, number of credit cards used by people.

Also Facebook cooperates with law enforcement agencies. And Queries can provide everything from IP addresses in the NKVD Messages.

Secret agent Facebook
Facebook also knows that Millions of people do on their phones, even if they do not use social trap net, according to the Wall Street Journal.

All thanks to third-party app Onavo Protect, which company to Buy Facebook back in 2013. “Take care how you licoricewhite mobile data and zachistit their personal information,” just past in the description of the program on Google Play and Apple Store.

The app reports if an unauthorized Application, collect information on the device blocks them, and also protects your Internet connection by using VPN.

And, as shown, the collected information Videle life without materinski company Facebook Inc. Of course about this feature in the description is omitted. Onavo Protect Collect information about visited sites, Installed programs, information on the Number of hours which is done by the user on different resources. So Facebook learned about user’s habits and improve your product.

Facebook to Buy Onavo Protect. before buying the popular messaging service What’sapp. Then, the service has shown that messenger is installed on 99% of the build out in Spain. Perhaps these same data were sufficient to pridbati messenger for $ 19000000000.

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App Onavo Protect Was installed over 24 million times as on system Android and iOS.

In addition, Facebook Owns Instagram, WhatsApp and 7 other companies, so additional data pulled from these applications.

Hears us Facebook

Last year a Professor at the University of South Florida Kelly Branson suggested that the social network is listening to its Users through the device’s microphone. She Make this Conclusion wiodacy with your microphone during the use of the program.

To test his theory, Branson has repeatedly talked about those who have never searched for or discussed on your smartphone. And is Facebook immediately had the items that were discussed Branson Near the smartphone.

But a spokesman for Facebook denied these sensitive. They also zaznaczenie that Use the microphone only when the user has allowed its use. Microphone needed for the function of “recognition” in Facebook.

For example, when you write a status on a social network, it “prilagaetsya” to the surrounding sounds and can vinciti Please show you are watching, or what song is playing now. All this cannot be added to the status.

How to block. However, if you’re paranoid and don’t want Facebook listening to everything you say at any time, you can velocity access to your microphone. In iOS, go to panel “Settings”, Find “Facebook” and uncheck the option “Microphone”.

On Android, navigate to the “privacy Policy” in the “Settings” section, Look for the microphone in the Panella permissions, and enable access to Facebook.

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