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Experts have told how the alcohol addiction

Эксперты рассказали, как возникает алкогольная зависимостьExperts managed to answer the pressing question of our time.

Recently, the Federal government of Germany has expressed skepticism regarding the benefits of raising excise taxes on alcoholic beverages. Such opinions are based on experience gained since the introduction in 2004 of the tax on alcohol.

Previous experience has shown that when the increase in excise duties and prices of one group of goods, consumers are willing to go on the consumption of other alcoholic beverages. In addition, there is an expansion of the illegal market, increasing the production of moonshine, drinks imported from neighboring countries.

Obviously, the alcohol does not apply to goods of elastic demand, its consumption is not directly dependent on prices. When legislators raise excise taxes on alcohol under the pretext of struggle with alcoholism, they are evil. The true goal in this case is to Supplement the budget at any cost, despite potential harm to human health.

In Germany in recent decades there has been a reduction of alcohol consumption, including those at greatest risk – youth.

If in 1970 the alcohol was regularly consumed almost 70% of persons aged 18 to 25 years of age, according in 2016 is only 30.7 percent. However, the concern is high demand for alcohol in the older age group.

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