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Experts have told how greenhouse gases absorb the forests of Ukraine

Эксперты рассказали, сколько парниковых газов поглощают леса УкраиныTo change the situation, change the concept.

From 1990, the year the ability of forests to absorb carbon and greenhouse gases is declining.

This opinion was expressed by Deputy Director of the research Institute of forestry and agroforestry Igor Buksha.

We will remind that reform of the forest industry to a halt due to the fact that Ukraine cannot adopt the Strategy of forestry development.

That forest absorbs more carbon and greenhouse gases, old plantations to replace youth. The creation of new plantations and replace the trees that died, new species are some of the main directions of development of the industry. This state should systematically allocate funds, because, in addition to wood supply, the forest is key from the point of view of preserving the environment, maintaining balance in ecosystems, conservation of biodiversity.

Forestry in Ukraine is the only sector in the economy, where the volume of carbon sequestration exceeds emissions. According to the study, conducted with the assistance of the EU, our forests have accumulated nearly 800 million tonnes of carbon (data for 2011). Our forests absorb about 7% of the total amount of greenhouse gases. This – with 15.9% of the forest cover. At the time, as in the European Union greenhouse gas absorption by forests is 10%, with an average forest cover of 42%. That is, the productivity of Ukrainian forests is quite high, there is the potential to increase. But in order to implement the desired policy. When we leave forests to grow old, they lose their ecological function, – said the Deputy Director of the research Institute of forestry and agroforestry Igor Buksha.

In his opinion, in the future, if you do not change the economic system, then we expect the downward trend in carbon sequestration, forest aging.

Recall that because of the underfunding of forestry and weak responsibility for violation of forest legislation, the Ukrainian forest mercilessly destroyed.Thus, plant – little, and from fires are killed each year, on average, 4 thousand hectares of forest.

To change the situation, you need to use the concept of a triune approach – as practiced in EU countries. First, is to support carbon sequestration in forests: as a young forest absorbs the carbon better than the old one, you need to increase the area young. Secondly, should pay attention to conservation, I mean to protect the forest from pests and diseases. The third – the gradual replacement of energy-intensive products for products made of wood, natural materials in the economy should be such a policy, that we have little. It also includes the use of recycled materials in the economy, biofuels, the use of forests as a source of energy, – said Igor Buksha.

Also, in his opinion, should take into account the difference of the forest in regions: according to him, Ukraine has 5 different types of forests in the Carpathians, in Polesie, forest-steppe, steppe and Crimea is a different forest, and they require different approaches in planning and management.

We also need to increase the area of forests in the settlements. You need to create a special strategy. Because European studies show that the temperature level in the cities depends on the condition of the landscaping areas. In particular, green spaces reduce energy consumption by air conditioners during heat waves in cities where a lot of greenery – said the expert.

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