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Experts have told how before year-end, more expensive products. Video

Эксперты рассказали, как до конца года подорожают продукты. Видео Prices gradually continue to grow.

The price of food will rise further until the end of the year. Experts say that some products can rise in price even half.

Since September this year has risen 77 percent of the products. Experts say that this is not the limit. By the end of the year: prices will rise by another 15 percent. And off-season cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet pepper will rise even half.

“Potatoes will grow in the range of twenty percent, meat will rise in price somewhere at fifteen, and dairy products by ten or twelve,” says the President of the Association of farmers and private landowners of Ukraine Ivan Tomic.

The sellers higher prices have not yet felt, but the simple customers of the future change of the price tags openly outraged.

A niche in the price increase is the bread. By the end of the year its value will rise to 6 percent. Last year our bread was almost the cheapest in Europe.

“In Lithuania, the price for a kilogram of bread is thirteen hryvnia, in Poland – almost eighteen, but in Ukraine, nineteen more,” – emphasizes the General Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

Experts say the problem is our bread and that social among it is almost gone. And 27 per cent of Ukrainians can afford only the cheapest loaf. Experts warn that the rising prices could collapse quality products.

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