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Experts have suggested not to quit a workout halfway

Эксперты подсказали, как не бросить тренировки на полпутиFor regular exercise need motivation.

Many of us are dreaming to have a beautiful figure, become stronger and more energetic, living under the slogan “I will start going to the gym on Monday“. Of course, to start is always difficult. Especially if you and the desired result are months of intensive training. How to overcome doubts and to motivate yourself to exercise, said experts.

Motivation plays a crucial role in the work. Whether you want to lose weight not to be ashamed of the figure, or thought seriously about that lately it was hard to climb the stairs – all this is motivation. And if you are reading this, you probably already know what you want from the sport: to build muscle, to tighten the abdomen, improve health, or something else. If so, then congratulations – with the motivation you have everything in order.

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We now turn to the basic – how to exercise to already after the first lesson don’t come to conclusions like “I have no time for this“ or “this exercise is useless anyway“.

First, don’t forget about your goal. Try to keep before us the reminder of why you should continue a regular exercise routine. This can be a list of things you can do when you get there, or just a beautiful photo on the refrigerator door – but don’t let yourself lose sight of why you continue to practice approach after approach.

Secondly, reward yourself when you achieve intermediate results. The Chinese sage Lao-Tzu said “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Break your goal into several mini-steps and celebrate each success with a small but pleasant gifts. Dropped 1.5 kilo? Buy a jacket that you like a long time

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Thirdly, keep a training diary. Inspiration is fine, but the system work better. The diary will help you and your trainer to track progress, and adjust activities.

Fourth, engage with friends. Sometimes the desire to lie on the sofa watching the TV series just becomes unbearable. In such a situation, the best incentive not to skip exercise will become your friend. As we work together you will not only have fun, but also encourage each other to greater discipline and self-control. Find people with whom you would love to visit training, not less important than to choose a competent coach or a good club.

Remember, taking the time to sports, you always get more than you invest. Because of their efforts you will receive something you cannot buy for money – you become who always wanted to be.

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