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Experts have suggested a simple method of instant sleep

Эксперты подсказали несложный способ мгновенного засыпания The modern pace of life, many people have sleep disorders.

Experts have developed some simple guidelines to improve the quality of a night’s sleep, which can have a positive impact on health.

To Wake up every day at the same time, claimed Daniel Brown (Daniel Barone) and Andrew Westwood (Andrew Westwood), the staff of the new York Presbyterian hospital (New York Presbyterian Hospital), United States, experts in the field of sleep. Weekends and holidays should Wake up and go to bed at the same time on weekdays as a violation of the sleep mode may degrade the quality and affect the health of the person in the daytime.

Experts recommend to avoid caffeine in the afternoon because it has activating properties. Instead of coffee, tea and chocolate at this time of day is best to drink water, unsweetened herbal tea and other drinks containing caffeine that can positively affect the quality of nighttime sleep.

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According to the scientists healthy, rich in fiber diet low in saturated fatty acids and carbohydrates, and adequate levels of physical activity can improve sleep, health and quality of life. The American heart Association (American Heart Association), USA, recommends for healthy adults a minimum of 150 minutes a day to devote moderate aerobic exercise. Exercise preferably early in the morning or right after work, but in any case not immediately before bedtime, said the scientists.

30 minutes before bedtime, experts recommend to avoid reading electronic media, watching TV and working at the computer. The light from the screens of the devices can be a signal to the body that still continues to day, and this can make it difficult to fall asleep.

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Scientists suggest to organize a day of “quiet time”, especially after lunch and in the evening. If you need to sleep during the day, this should be done no longer than 20-30 minutes in the first half of the day.

Following these simple recommendations may have a positive effect not only on the quality of a night’s sleep, but also on the state of human health in General, experts say.

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