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Experts have predicted what will turn the meeting of Putin and Macron

Эксперты спрогнозировали, чем обернется встреча Путина и МакронаVoiced a possible scenario.

The forthcoming meeting with the President of France needed the Russian President first of all as a symbol for the lack of isolation of the Russian Federation; the meeting cannot bring any “breakthroughs”.

This opinion was expressed by Russian journalist Igor Yakovenko.

“Everything that Putin is doing, has a symbolic meaning. Irrelevant to the actual content of the negotiations has not. Because Putin, and world leaders understand very well what’s going on. For Putin it is important that the meeting with Him took place. It is important primarily for a domestic audience to show that there was no isolation no,” he said.

As suggested Yakovenko, “there would be some imitation of negotiations” without any “substantial part”. “I guess it will be somehow affected by the issue and Syria, and Ukraine. Probably will talk about some economic relations. But any breakthrough solutions in principle can not, because of Him and Putin diametrically opposed positions on all issues. Especially given that Putin is in principle always plays to win with a zero amount for it, in principle, possible some variant of cooperation, the option of a joint position,” – says the journalist.

He also stated that the election Rules actually puts an end to the Kremlin’s plans to collapse Europe. “It is obvious that election Rules is a very serious fact, and very serious evidence that a United Europe is maintained that the hope of the Kremlin that the project of a United Europe will be destroyed, failed. All. This can be considered a story for the collapse of a large European finished”.

Yakovenko also confident: “absolutely impossible” to assume that Putin’s meeting with the Macron will change the policy of sanctions against Russia.

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