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Experts have made a list of all used cars sold the fastest

Эксперты составили список б/у машин, продающихся быстрее всего These cars will be easy to sell after use.

It is difficult to know in advance what kind of used car can be sold quickly. However, there are some models that buyers are interested most. Experts have made the TOP 10 used cars sold the fastest.

1. Toyota Prius C: 29.6 days

Only 29.6 days on average to sell a compact Prius C (see top photo). As always Toyota was “on top”. The popularity of the Prius is not yet questioned. This model is leader in its segment.

2. Tesla Model S: 32.4 day

The demand for Tesla Model S exceeds supply, so this model sold so well. Soon there will be Model S, which can probably lead to a decrease in demand for the Model S.

3. BMW i3: 33.4 day

The new BMW i3 costs about 53 000 dollars, which, of course, expensive. But a used i3, you can buy 2 times cheaper – for 23 964 dollars.

4. Toyota Prius: 33.4 day

The Toyota Prius became the world’s first mass-scale hybrid car. Its popularity he still retains. Apparently, the owners of the Prius have no problems selling it.

5. Chevrolet Volt: 34.3 days

The rechargeable hybrid Chevrolet Volt recently updated. He became more powerful battery, allowing increased power reserve of the electric motor. This car is around 40 thousand dollars, but, as you can see, sales is not affected.

6. Volkswagen Golf R: 34,4 days

Volkswagen Golf R is a real hot hatchback. While it may seem expensive, but high-performance models are. VW Golf R constantly updates so that it stays at a high level.

7. Honda Civic: 34,7 days

The updated Honda Civic was introduced in 2015. This model has become much more attractive to buy than before. This is reflected in the sales. We recommend you to pay attention to the version of the Civic Si and Type R.

8. Toyota Corolla: 34.9 days

The compact Toyota Corolla has long been on the market. Good demand for this model is provided by quality Toyota. But lately she had a lot of competitors. This can lead to a decline in demand for Corolla.

9. Honda Accord: 35.5 days

Mid-size sedan Honda Accord has long enjoyed good demand. It is valued for reliability and affordable price. The decrease in demand for sedans has not affected the popularity of the Accord.

10. Hyundai Veloster Turbo: 36 days

In order to sell a small second-hand Hyundai Veloster Turbo, you need an average of 36 days.

It’s amazing that this model is so popular in the market of used cars. Maybe it’s in a small price.

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