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Experts have forecast the price of gasoline

Эксперты дали прогноз цены на бензинAnalysts said that price will rise in Ukraine, a fuel.

To predict what the price of fuel will be formed in Ukraine in August before. The only thing you can say that certain trends in the market. Probably will get some potential to rise in price of petroleum products, but not the fact that it will be implemented.

This commentary said the fuel market expert Gennady Ryabtsev.

“We have now actually formed two markets: the market of gasoline and diesel fuel and liquefied petroleum gas. The trends on these markets are different. If we talk about the market of gasoline and diesel fuel, their price will be determined by the exchange rate of the hryvnia and the cost of petroleum products at the border. Now the dollar and the Euro are growing, and this means that each one hryvnia depreciation of the dollar will mean 60 kopecks in the price of gasoline and diesel fuel within two weeks after the appropriate growth. If the oil on the border is getting more expensive, every percentage of growth on the border means two weeks + 10 cents growth in gas stations “, – said the expert.

“Therefore, we can say that after a certain period of time, in early August, we formed the economic basis for rising prices. But it should be noted that we have a competitive market of gasoline and diesel fuel. Therefore, most likely, given this factor and the fact that now there is a margin of safety in most companies, the potential for appreciation may not be realized, ” he explained.

Ryabtsev said that the liquefied natural gas market risks to growth through a significant Russian component price even more.

“Liquefied petroleum gas the situation is different. This market is less dependent on fluctuations and of the customs value. Because a sufficiently large domestic component – somewhere up to a third.

And because of this, problems can arise only in the segment of import. Now about 80% of import of liquefied petroleum gas were supplied from Russia, and now we have a complicated relationship, and therefore, the security service from time to time, the “nightmare” of market participants, which imported gas from Russia. Begin to say that are imported from the country of the aggressor, and need with the other and so on … But the suppliers explain that Russian supply is better because it is cheaper, and take gas only from private companies.

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