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Experts have developed an ultrasound machine for home use

Специалисты разработали аппарат УЗИ для домашнего пользованияKnow-how for young parents.

Modern parents are fortunate to live in a time when they can control their child from the earliest stages of his life, literally from embryo stage. But so far only under a doctor’s care, although the progress does not stand still and soon you will be able to watch the child while in office ultrasound.

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Smart Baby Camera works using the technology of ultrasound, it is portable and safe because women can use a home device any number of times and long enough time without any consequences. Photos and videos of the baby are broadcast with a hand held device to your smartphone with a paired app where you can save the most impressive views or moments.

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In comparison with modern ultrasound evaluation of the baby’s health is such a device, of course, not give. But technology and 4D visualization allows us to consider the toddler size, position, and some other specific characteristics.

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