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Experts have developed an innovative vaccine for addicts

Эксперты разработали инновационную вакцину для наркозависимыхThe vaccine will be to perform several important tasks.

Experts the SCRIPPS Research Institute (USA) have created a vaccine against heroin and fentanyl, which blocks the chemicals that cause addiction, the immune system of the patient..

In 2015 in the United States from a drug overdose had died 50 thousand people. More than half of them — caused by opioids, substances that cause strong dependence, which include legal painkillers like oxycodone or fentanyl, and heroin. In the treatment of addiction to opioids used in less strong medications like methadone or buprenorphine that do not lead to heroin euphoria and overdose. However, such therapy is expensive and requires daily visits to the hospital. If you interrupt the course of treatment, only one injection of heroin or fentanyl will lead to relapse. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

A study published by scientists from the SCRIPPS Institute in the Journal of the American Chemistry Society, showed that monkeys who received the vaccine for heroin, remain immune to the influence of the drug for 8 months after vaccination. Previous study of the same group of scientists under the leadership of Kim Jandi represents the same exposure to the vaccine fentanyl in mice, even when they were subjected to an overdose.

Vaccines opioids act on the same General principles as vaccines against infectious diseases like polio or measles — teach immune system to recognize molecules of the drug as a foreign body and attack them. To do this, scientists have created molecules with haptens similar to the opioid structure and enter them in the composition of proteins in experimental animals. These drugs are not intended for universal vaccination. They can be assigned only to those who are recovering from addiction. The effect of the vaccine is imperceptible, but in the case of relapse, the patient will not feel any effect from heroin, writes Seeker.

The first analgesic drug from the group of opioids does not cause euphoria created by Nektar Therapeutics. It penetrates into the brain is too slow and dulling the feeling of pain, does not create a feeling of well-being that stimulates addictive.

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