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Experts have debunked the major myths about smartphones

 Эксперты развенчали главные мифы о смартфонахMyths about smartphones that to stop believing

“Are you going to sit on the phone – get vision problems” – such remarks heard almost every one of us.

But does this warning make sense? Below you will find 7 of the most common statements about smartphones in that time to stop believing.

Smartphones damage eyesight

On the subject argued and will argue for many more years. Scientists have even proven that to eyes harmful blue light that shines from the displays of smartphones, tablets and laptops. However, modern gadgets will not ruin your eyesight if you use them wisely. In fact, my eyes hurt not themselves smartphones, as prolonged contact with a close light source. Simply put: do not hold gadgets closer than a distance of 20 cm from the eye and make a break in work and everything will be fine.

Many models have a protection mode of view, which filters out unpleasant to the eye blue light. Almost all smartphones are equipped with a light sensor and support adaptive brightness under ambient lighting levels. Do not neglect these functions, and the myth about the dangers of smartphone will be a myth.

The greater the screen resolution, the sharper the picture

Smartphones are becoming more and more frameless, and each manufacturer wants to put on screen as many pixels. Many users are happy to accept these trends, but in vain. The human eye hardly notices the pixel density is above 300, above 400 pixels quite become indistinguishable, and all values exceeding this threshold is nothing but a marketing ploy. Moreover, screens with great resolution creates a heavy load on the CPU and, in General, affect performance.

The more RAM, the faster the smartphone

This myth is only true in part. More RAM requires Desktop-mode games with 3D graphics and software for video processing. But for these processes to be enough 3-4 GB. Smartphones with 6 and 8 GB of RAM, of course, look more profitable and promised a “future-proof”, but now the extra gigabytes will not make your smartphone faster.

Download apps only from official stores

Actually no. Download viral app like you can on an obscure forum and on the official sites like Play Market or App Store. Manufacturers are fighting against the intruders, but every time they manage to load in honest stores their malware.

Removing the application will remove the viruses

If you haven’t checked out the app before you install and do download the infected file, first of all you will want to remove it. However, this does not guarantee that along with the app will disappear ON the computer. Many viruses can only be removed when fully reset the device to factory settings.

The more MP in the camera, the better pictures

The number of megapixels only affects the resolution of the photo, but not on its quality. In fact, the quality of the image depends on the pixel size of the diaphragm, the functions of stabilization and software image processing algorithms.

For example, the flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 “only” 12 megapixel camera, but it is considered one of the best in modern smartphones. In this market many models with a matrix of 20 or more megapixels – but no one praises for the excellent quality of the images.

The phone cannot be charge all night

Modern smartphones have so many electronics that their safety during charging should not cause doubts. When the battery is charging to 100%, the charge process stops. However, he can’t overheat, or explode.

The myth could be justified in the days of Nickel-cadmium batteries that suffered from excess contact with the outlet. But now gadgets are mostly equipped with lithium-ion batteries and sensors that regulate the amperage. So be calm and charge the smartphone at night.

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