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Experts have called the worst gadgets of 2017

Специалисты назвали худшие гаджеты 2017 годаNote.

The list includes useless things without which man can easily do without feeling discomfort. To them the worst gadgets of 2017 took the smart watch, a plug, a juicer and a hat with speakers.

Experts have used statistics and sales of a product, and also conducted a survey of people. A special place in the ranking of intellectual juicer Juicero. To manufacture this device, have spent more than 120 million U.S. dollars, attracting money from various funds. Juicer supports Wi-Fi, you can control with your smartphone. Initially, the producers set the price of $ 700 for this device, then the cost decreased to 400. Users found a lot of flaws in this product and refused to buy it, in the end the project had to be abandoned.

One of the worst gadgets entered the smart watch LG Watch Style. They are unable to compete with Apple products. The main problem is low battery life. Corporation Nissan screwed up with the release of smart forks for eating noodles.

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To pay for it $ 130 not want almost none. Cap with built-in Bluetooth speaker also considered it unnecessary thing.

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