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Experts have called the most “optimal” color of the car

Эксперты назвали самый «оптимальный» цвет автомобиляWhat color is the most practical.

When choosing a car, many buyers take into account a number of parameters. Among them is the tint of the body.

There are several criteria that take into account motorists looking to buy a car. For example, if the host is set to external cleanliness of the machine, suitable grey or silver color. Even in inclement weather, the presence of dirt on the back not very noticeable.

An important aspect is the rapid restoration of coverage after an accident or other mechanical damage. The most vulnerable are shades of brown or khaki. Practice shows that it may take a long time to find the right composition repainting.

The choice of color affects the nature of the buyer of the car. Psychologists have noticed that each color corresponds to certain traits. For example, white color may indicate a desire for harmony and care. Black can indicate aggressive characteristics.

In the end, according to automotive experts, the most practical came out gray.

It is resistant to the manifestation of dirt and it can be quickly restored. In addition, it indicates status and reason of the owner of the car.

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