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Experts have called the most important trends in the culinary arts in 2017

Специалисты назвали важнейшие тренды кулинарного искусства в 2017 годуIt is expected that 2017 year will be marked by social responsibility and affordable food for people in need.

Chefs from around the world have listed the top trends that will shape the development of the culinary industry in 2017.

Italian chef Massimo Bottura (Massimo Bottura) believes that the current year will be marked by social responsibility of chefs who attend to the problem of availability of food for the poor.

According to the Japanese, Namae Shinobu (Shinobu Namae), consumers are tired of the standard dishes and yearn for something unusual. So in 2017 there will be a tendency to create unusual treats.

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Spanish chef Joan ROCA (Joan Roca) called one of the main trends in the fight against food waste. American Dan Barber (Dan Barber) stated that in 2017 the methods of breeding cattle will be more humane, than animal meat, in particular beef will be much tastier.

Taiwanese chef Andre Chiang (Andre Chiang) predicted that one of the main trends of the culinary world will be returning to Asia young chefs who studied in Europe and the United States. Professionals will return home to open there own business, says Chang.

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Swiss chef Daniel humm (Daniel Humm) predicted that in 2017 it will increase the customer demand for friendly service in restaurants.

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