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Experts have called the most healthy indoor plants

Эксперты назвали самые полезные для здоровья комнатные растенияIt turns out that some house plants can improve the health of the household.

And did you know that in order to get healthier, not necessarily to go to the sea or to the mountains, is enough to set the apartment vases with “useful” plants and you will get better. Of course, the sea, mountains and fresh air are also necessary, but if possible to go somewhere to relax and there sores one after another you are oppressed, then the only solution is to seek help to indoor plants.

The thing is that the air in the residential or working environment filled with a variety of substances. As a rule, very harmful substances that have harmful effects on the human body. May develop even allergic to dust and this despite the fact that the room is always clean and fresh.

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So what is polluted air?

More precisely, the air is clogged with chemicals, the most popular of them are: ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and trichloroethylene. A large concentration of those substances into the air, if the apartment contains the following items: paper and printer ink, glue, napkins, kitchen, paint products, household chemicals, chlorine, cigarette smoke and so on.

To eliminate the adverse impact of the above mentioned hazardous substances are plants but not all but only some of all available. Most capable are:

1. Dwarf date palm.
2. Nephrolepis sublime.
3. Nephrolepis.
4. Chlorophytum crested.
5. Chinese fir.
6. Bamboo or Iscariot burning.
7. Ficus Benjamin.
8. Epipremnum Golden.
9. Anthurium Andre.
10. Liriope Muscari.
11. Rapis high.
12. Gerbera Jameson.
13. Dracaena fragrant.
14. Ivy ordinary.
15. Sansevieriya three-band.
16. Dracaena Marginata.
17. The Spathiphyllum.
18. Classic chrysanthemum.

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After you install the pots with at least one of these plants you notice that the symptoms for a long time terrorizing you, have gone missing. You will no longer be:

– sick and dizzy;

– fainting;

– persistent cough or runny nose;

– feeling of drowsiness, fatigue, weakness.

Many people already have time to check for yourself the miraculous power of these plants myself and they all came to the conclusion that to live with these plants in the house has become much easier and health, they ceased to complain, at least not as often as before.

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