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Experts have called the most expensive car brands this year

Эксперты назвали самые дорогие автомобильные бренды нынешнего годаAnalytical Agency Brand Finance, have highlighted the value of world famous brands.

In the top of the ranking included a lot of car companies. At the beginning of 2019 most expensive car brand recognized as the German Mercedes-Benz, which is estimated at 60,355 billion.

In General, the list of brands he occupies 13th position. The second place among automakers, Toyota was the Japanese value 52,291 billion. Honorary third place went to the brand Volkswagen, which is estimated 41,739 billion. In addition to the listed companies in the top ten most expensive car brands also includes BMW (40,501 billion), Porsche (29,340 billion), Mitsubishi (26,563 billion), Honda (25,744 billion), Hyundai (20,721 billion), Audi (19,638 billion) and Nissan (18,753 billion dollars).

The total value of listed companies exceeds 335,6 billion. Among the car brands ranked in the top 10, only Mercedes-Benz has retained the same position in the overall ranking, which was held a year earlier. Seven brands fell in the overall ranking, Porsche and Audi went up.

Ford flew out of the top 10. The cost of only two companies in the top ten decreased: negative dynamics was observed in BMW and Nissan.

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