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Experts have called the best laptop manufacturers of today

Эксперты назвали лучших производителей ноутбуков современностиBecame known, some of the brands enjoy the greatest popularity among buyers.

Analysts TrendForce report quarterly and annual growth of the world’s supply of notebooks in the last quarter. According to their estimates, shipments of laptops in the April-June 2017 reached a footprint of 39.96 million units, which is 5.7% and 3.6% more than in January-March and the second quarter of 2016. It is also noted that due to the demand in the North American market global shipments for the first half exceeded expectations and reached 77,76 million laptops.

Some experts fear that the rise in the first half of the year may turn to a fall in demand in the second, however, TrendForce believe that in the third quarter 2017 delivery of laptops will rise another 3-5% relative to the previous quarter. In addition, analysts have slightly improved annual forecast on notebook market. If the previously expected decline of supply by 2-4%, but now experts say that the regression in 2017 will not exceed 2%.

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In prepared by experts of the report traditionally provides a rating of the leading manufacturers of laptops. The list in the second quarter of 2017 is still the same as in the previous three months. Headed by top-5 HP Inc., which in April-June was 23.4% of the total number released in the world of laptops vs 22.8% in January-March. The company shipped 9.3 million devices, improving the result by 8.5% added to TrendForce.

Lenovo finished the quarter with a score of 8.05 million Limpopo, which indicates an annual decline of 2.4%. Compared to the first quarter the increase was only 0.3%, as a result, market share of the Chinese vendor has declined from 21.2% to 20.1%.

Dell had registered the most pronounced growth of supply – by 21.3% compared to January-March by 7.4% yoy. As a result, market share of Dell has risen from 14.3% to 16.4%. Success was driven by the tenders in North America and rising supply chromebook.

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The fourth place is shared between micron and Apple: the first shipped 3.99 million laptops, and the second of 3.98 million devices. However, the pace of growth of the American Corporation ahead of Taiwanese rival: Apple has increased the supply of 17.1% in the quarterly expression, and ASUS – 9.3%. As a result, market shares of the companies equal to 10%.

Closes rating TrendForce another representative of the Taiwan – Acer. This company was the only one with delivery in the second quarter of 2017 were lower than in the first. According to experts, Acer have shipped their laptops to 3.22 million, worsening the result by 3.5%. As a consequence, the contribution of the vendor in terms of percentage also decreased 8% compared to 8.8% in the previous quarter.

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