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Experts have called the benefits of interval running for weight loss

Эксперты назвали преимущества интервального бега для похудения It is contraindicated in people with a weak heart.

Interval running is one of the methods running, as a rule, committed to burning excess fat and get some relief, but improving it can not be called.

Jogging 10-20 minutes, even after a year, you will not gain the desired result, and many are running at a snail’s pace, almost going all the time. What stood out the belief that interval running is a panacea in all respects, but this is a misconception. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

With interval running for the last 20 minutes, you tried your best. When Jogging 10-20 minutes to go only to warm up the muscles.

Interval running is a mixture of styles Jogging and sprint. People involved in interval running, alternating Jogging, sprinting and walking. For example, run 300 meters, jog, then the maximum acceleration of 300 meters, after going on foot. And so we repeat the cycle again and again until you get tired and not be able to continue. Before you start Jogging, you should warm up the muscles and prepare the heart to stress.

This technique of running is easier than Jogging for 50-60 minutes, at a speed of 12km/h, but it is impossible to say which is better, just the result will be visible after a few months. During the time you experience actually significant load, so for you this is a quick way to lose weight.

It is not recommended interval running for people experiencing heart problems, as with interval running, the load on the heart is enormous. Therefore, this run is not considered to be Wellness, it in no way improves the functioning of the heart, rather the contrary. So don’t hesitate, contact a doctor so that he has made for you the individual program of training without harm for health.

There will always be advocates and opponents of this method of running, but you decide what is best for you. And don’t listen to nonsense about biochemical processes, the burning of glycogen, especially muscle when Jogging.

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