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Experts have called an incredible tool longevity

Эксперты назвали невероятное средство долголетия Just need to stop eating one product.

The research conducted by scientists from tufts University, USA allowed open an incredible tool longevity.

Experts came to an unexpected conclusion. It turns out that every person is able to qualitatively extend its life. The main thing – it should just start to more carefully control the use of salt.

“Adequate intake of salt is more cost-effective way to reduce the number of deaths than the use of drugs” – to such conclusion came at the end of the study the organizers of the project.

In the experiment, the scientists analyzed data on the deaths of many patients for various reasons over the last 10 years. In the end, they came to the conclusion that too much salt intake affects the tenderness of the main organs of the body, which actually leads to a sudden and early departure from life.

So, excess consumption of salt leads to the development of kidney failure, stomach cancer and cardiovascular disease, doctors believe.

The world health organization urged to reduce salt intake to the minimum value possible, and this is 2,000 mg of salt per day.

Thus, according to the results of the research, most people consume almost twice as much. If you reduce this figure, it is possible to achieve tangible improvements in health. This improvement would give even the most effective medicines.

“Reducing salt intake is only 200 mg per day, equivalent to one bag of chips, you can save a life,” say researchers from tufts University.

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