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Experts gave top tips on how to be a wife

Специалисты дали главные советы, как стать идеальной супругой The best tips for those who are willing to improve.

What you need to do to make guys pay attention? To worry and waste your nerves there is nothing, because nature itself is planted within us an attraction to each other. Although it can be strengthened.


Many of the representatives of the female population have a fairly entrenched view that Central to these is the figure. They begin to diet, fitness and try to fix the figure in the gym. While some constantly monitor and correct your figure grueling and exhausting training, others, with greater weight is not such an attractive body, be happy and get married. In this situation, it remains to conclude that the figure is not the most important thing in a woman.


Many girls shed a liter of tears for the reason that they (believe themselves girl) is not pretty. However, it should be corrected opinion about beauty. Each person has their own individual and this, for every beauty is a little different concept.

What girl likes guys? From all this it can be concluded that for girls mainly need to change only the attitude to life and events.

As for cosmetics, the very strong “war paint” will only scare and alienate man, that is, you need to choose makeup depending on the event and to approach it more “gently”.


Every man wants to be treated with respect. And yet every person does not want to be left out when solving problems related to family, as the man is the head, and the wife must seek help, for example, to bring bags.

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It gives a man to feel like a real man that is strong and necessary.

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