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Experts explained the origin of the mysterious crater in the Portuguese lake

Эксперты объяснили происхождение загадочной воронки в португальском озере It turned out that the phenomenon is not due to nature.

Portuguese mountain range, Serra da Estrela, is a bizarre jumble of huge boulders, sometimes with a house and many beautiful lakes with clear water, and blue saucers, which looks only to the sky Yes, sometimes the look of mischievous clouds.

This amazing landscape, unique and even somewhat fantastic, created here by a glacier that once covered this region, and then moved away, creating all these discreet and at the same time so attractive natural pictures.

And among all this magnificence – a lake with a real “hole”. From afar traveler who accidentally got here, it seems that somewhere noisy waterfall, but when he rushes to the drain, it, ultimately, from the top of the hill, he sees something astonishing, almost frightening: the lake is a huge crater. And that funnel water rapidly runs off, as if trying in a matter of minutes to drain a mountain lake.

However, no fiction and even there is no anomaly here is not in sight. Hole in the lake is artificial, because the reservoir – reservoir hydroelectric Conchos mine Lagoa Comprida. A “terrible funnel” in it – only] drain excess water. Therefore, the vortex in the lake far changeable, in summer and in winter it is unlikely that you can see, but in the spring when in the mountains the snow melts and the water rushes down, overflowing the local lake, including the reservoir, it demonstrates that such fantasticheskie, a mesmerizing swirl.

Reservoir Conchos mine exists in Portugal since 1955, for 60 years, he is so fit in the local landscape that people got here, just refuses to accept the lake as an artificial entity. From such a high popularity among tourists who love to come here to admire this fabulous “hole” in the lake, which more than anything seems to be not different from all other lakes in the mountain range of Serra da Estrela.

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