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Experts explained that prices for rental housing

Эксперты объяснили, что будет с ценами на аренду жилья Rental prices of apartments over the past year have jumped by 15-20% across the country.

The government plans to change the rules of rental housing and to bring this market out of the shadows. The Cabinet of Ministers is preparing a bill, where will prescribe how tenants will move in, obtain a residence permit and what is the mechanism of eviction. All of this will affect the price of renting apartments, realtors warn.

Rental prices of apartments over the past year have jumped by 15-20% across the country. Rose, even without repair and on the outskirts of cities. Because of these apartments there is a demand among those who have a modest budget.

Rent one-room apartment in Kiev the average is seven or eight thousand, six you can find the same in Odessa, although in General the capital here prices are not much different. At 4800 UAH you can rent a house in Lviv and Dnipro.

The increase in rental prices is affected by the rise of the dollar and the rise in price of utilities. According to forecasts of Ministry of economic development rates during the year will grow on 18%.

“In older homes utility bills are slightly higher than in the new complexes. Old houses colder. Utilities payments for the building or five thousand hryvnia per month, and for a new apartment, which is more square – three thousand hryvnia,” – says real estate expert Ivan Kudoyarov.

Besides, in search of a better life, more and more people move to cities. So landlords and raise prices.

“High prices hold until the end of may. From July to August prices are falling because students are leaving, the apartments released to rent an apartment in the summer can be much cheaper,” says real estate analyst Elena Malenkov.

Following the rising cost of rent will take place in September, analysts predict, then the prices will rise by 10-15 percent.

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