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Experts explained how to charge the battery of the smartphone

Специалисты объяснили, как правильно заряжать батарею смартфонаAn important recommendation.

People are constantly concerned about what their smartphone runs out of power, but pay remarkably little attention to the overall lifetime of the battery. The battery, meanwhile, is not eternal.

Most manufacturers said that the capacity of the batteries starts to decline after 300-500 charge cycles. Apple, for example, confirms that the capacity of the batteries in the technique of the company may be reduced up to 80% of its initial value after a thousand charge cycles. Here are a few tips and tricks that will extend the life of lithium-ion battery of your smartphone. And battery tablet, laptop, poverbank and other electronics.

At what percentage of battery you need to charge your electronics?

Lithium ion battery feel their best if their charge is around 50%. If the charge falls below that of their slightly better recharge. A few short times a day is much better than one long charge to 100%.

In General, you should avoid regular charging to 100%. of course, we all have to periodically fill the batteries to capacity. Nothing particularly fatal in this. In the end, modern technology is smart enough to stop charging when reaching 100%. However, if you every night to fill the battery to capacity, its capacity will start to decline much faster.

Experts recommend to support the charge of a lithium ion battery in the range of 40-80%. And try not to plant the battery to below 20%.

Do I need to do a full charge?

Occasionally the battery should charge from 0 to 100%. This is called a full cycle charge, and to make it it is necessary no more than once per month. According to experts, periodic complete cycle recalibrate the battery. Simply put, the battery as a sort of “reboots”.

Is it possible to permanently leave the phone connected to a charger

As already mentioned, nothing particularly fatal in this, as most of the smartphones are smart enough to stop consuming current when filling the battery. Nevertheless, experts recommend to monitor the temperature of the apparatus. If when the charger is connected, the smartphone is very hot, it may make sense for long charging to remove it from the case.

Whether to use fast charging?

Many modern smartphones have the function of quick charging. In the case of Android we are talking about models that use Qualcomm Quick Charge technology or Adaptive Fast Charging (used the Samsung). Also quick charging supports iPhone models, starting from 2017. These smartphones are different from the usual that software can “communicate” with the charger, indicating it what current needs to be coupled to the battery at certain points in the charge. Overall, the process is fast loading it is quite safe, but when the smartphone can warm stronger than the normal charging. Overheating, in turn, may gradually reduce the battery life.

Can I use third party charger?

It is advisable to always use the charger that came with your smartphone. If for some reason the native memory is not available, you should make sure that the replacement is identical to original for parameters such as voltage and current. The specifications usually listed on the charger itself. Remember, however, that an unnamed Chinese memory may issue is not what is written on the label. So if you cannot make measurements of current and voltage, choose a charger from reliable manufacturers.

What is the memory effect of rechargeable batteries?

Memory effect batteries – not fiction. We are talking about capacity loss, which can occur if the battery is regularly charged not completely. For example, if the battery is continually charged in the range of 20-80%, the remaining 40% (from 0% to 20% and from 80% to 100%) she can sort of “forget”.

But it is important to remember that the memory effect occurs only in old cells based on Nickel (NiMH and NiCd).

In all modern electronics, including your smartphone uses a lithium-ion battery (Li-ion). For lithium-ion batteries, the memory effect does not apply. As mentioned above, with modern batteries should do the opposite. They live longer if they are not discharged to zero and is not recharged to the maximum.

How to store batteries?

If you temporarily do not use electronic gadget, don’t let it’s battery completely discharged. On average, the battery off of the phone always die at 5-10% per month. This means that the unused gadget is enough to recharge every six months.

If you completely forget about him and allow the battery to remain empty for a long time, it will simply break down and completely lose the ability to accumulate some energy.

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