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Experts debunked five major myths about weight loss

Эксперты развенчали пять основных мифов о похуденииAll who believe in these myths, lose weight fast and permanently can’t.

On the way to a slim body, a person can make a lot of mistakes and most of them are connected with the fact that society hovers too many myths about losing weight that many people still believe.

Nutritionists recommend to ignore the information which is divided person not a professional in the field of dietetics or gastroenterology. Because only an experienced doctor is able to determine your personal daily requirement of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and also suggest how to eat to weight decreased.

If you will stay to lose weight by using any diet programs or complex weight loss and you have nothing, then most likely, you find yourself on the methods that were created based on the following myths:

1. To say fat “no.” The vast majority of obese people hoping to lose weight, torturing yourself plans for a future without fatty foods, because sure in the enormous damage of fat. Actually, the useful fatty acids contained in a variety of products indispensable in everyday life and in the process of losing weight. It is not about the fat that is in sauces, desserts, fried and smoked meat, pasties and so on – this really is impossible, but the fats in fish, nuts, avocados, olive oil, eggs and even dark chocolate – mega-healthy and they only promote weight loss, not inhibit this process.

2. Multivitamins have nothing to do with weight loss. This is not so. During weight loss the human body is under stress. Plus, not all lose weight properly and in many foods, deny themselves, and they may contain some important vitamin or trace element, without which weight loss is impossible. Therefore, experts recommend taking a multivitamin for all dieters, but before their appointment to consult with a dietitian or gastroenterologist.

3. Cardio the best strength. Not all experts agree with this statement, because in that and in other case, the person may well lose weight. The only “but” – in order to burn the same amount of calories and fat will need 1 hour cardio sessions and 15-20 minutes of power, so you can choose the kind of exercise that suits you best.

Stop believing these myths and then your weight will begin to decline rapidly.

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