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Experts debunk myths about popular methods of cleansing the body

Эксперты развенчали мифы о популярной методике очищения организмаNutritionists told the truth about detox and its properties.

Probably each of us at least once in my life heard of such a thing as a “detox” or a complete body cleansing from harmful substances and possibly excess weight. A lot of people are confused and take the detox for almost a hunger strike, the result is not health, and digestive problems.

In connection with such hype surrounding detox, nutritionists have debunked popular myths and tell the truth about the cleansing of the body:

1. Can’t eat anything. It is a myth that does not allow people to feel the effectiveness of the detox. In fact, eating is not just possible, but even necessary, but diet products that do not contain protein of animal origin.

2. After detox would be a flat stomach and tight buttocks. In fact nothing will happen, because muscles with low-calorie foods do not increase in volume. In order to achieve the external result and a steel holder abs, you need to detox program to add sports, visiting the bath or sauna, massage and so on.

3. Detox all the time you want to eat. Of course, products for detoxification of the body does not have the same abilities as meat to satisfy the man and save him from feeling hungry. But they are able to feed, the main thing – to follow the rules of the detox and not be distracted by the advice of others. If you eat often and drink plenty of water, the appetite will not bother you during the day, especially before bedtime.

Detox is a kind of diet that aims to cleanse the bowel. Of course, the best result will be those who rigorously complied with the rules of the detox:

– drink at least two liters of water a day;

– eat only fresh foods that have not been heat treated;

– to exclude from a diet salt, sugar, meat, smoked foods, sausages and so on;

– eat 5-6 times a day but in small portions;

– to give up alcoholic beverages, coffee and black tea.

Here are some simple rules of detox will lead you to what you thoroughly clean your intestines, relieve the liver, improve the condition of their skin, restore hormonal balance and so on.

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