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Experts criticized the new Parking rules in Ukraine

Эксперты раскритиковали новые правила парковки в УкраинеThe major change with the entry into force of the law will be photo – or video recording of violations.

From 27 September in Ukraine came into force new rules for Parking cars, and enhanced penalties for violators.

Appropriate changes to the legislation were adopted by Parliament in December last year, and in theory for 9 months of the local authorities, the police and motorists had to prepare for the changes, however, experts claim that this did not happen.

According to experts, the new rules hardly able to perform its main function: to bring real order in the streets.

“For example, in Kiev most of the offices are concentrated in the city centre. People from the suburbs come to work in the centre, and Parking space in sufficient volume is not there. People have a lot of problems, and new Parking spaces nobody is building, – says the head of the “Ukrainian partnership for road safety” Michael Berlin. – Abroad erecting a huge shopping center, and down to build as many floors for cars. Thus, the car near the shopping center, virtually no: they all stand in the underground Parking. Plus the price of Parking very affordable. We have the opposite: build a huge house, and at the bottom of the Parking lots is almost there, it’s unprofitable. The General approach we have reason to punish, to crush, to make pay, not to help and to create conditions for people. If to create normal conditions, each driver will be pleased to put the car on a good place.”

In addition, experts predict a sufficiently large number of problems with the system of photo and video fixation of violations of Parking rules on the principle of “a fine without the presence of the driver.”

“There was a big discussion: do we need to involve the owner of the car or to punish the person who actually committed the offense, says avtoyurist Vladimir caravan. – The problem was two points of view. According to the Constitution, the legal responsibility we have is individual. This is the first point of view. The second point of view: is the decision of the ECHR, which describes a similar case, when the violation committed by the same person, and liability incurred more. But the discussion came to nothing lead, and the law was published in the form in which it is. And then the word of the jurisprudence: either the courts will make decisions based on the Constitution or on the law of the ECHR”.

Doubt and apparatus that Parking inspectors will record the offense. Just remember, how many scandals was with the TruCAM radar and “Vizir” on their certification. Similar claims can once again begin to fall from drivers, but now the courts will challenge the certification of photo and video equipment.

“At the crime scene, for example, murder or road accident victims are the experts who record everything on a regular camera. That is, fatal accidents and murder, the legislator allowed to fix on a “soapbox”, and commit violations of Parking rules a police officer must exercise on special equipment, which is certified, and to transmit information over secure communication channels. Either let me in the EU and the United States, to commit offenses on a regular smartphone or get experts to commit more serious crimes spetspribor” – said in comments the General Director of the Ukrainian Association of automobile importers and dealers Oleg Nazarenko.

But the most “pleasant” surprise lawmakers have in store for owners of cars to “EuroBLECH”. If the legal owners of the car will easily take my “swallow” from an impound lot after paying the fine, the car is on foreign registration will return only those imported to the territory of Ukraine. But the point is that the actual owner of the car and the person or firm who dragged a “badge” to the country – not always one and the same person. It turns out that to get my car simply will not work.

“And some Moldovan or Belarusian, who imported the car in Ukraine or the representative of the Lithuanian company, which is not a long time, of course, will not come to pick up the car – adds Nazarenko. – And if allowed to issue from such a car impound lots on the basis of powers of attorney, then immediately go the wave, when the “left” people will start to pick up other people’s cars, because such scribble online for 50 USD to buy. If you leave a hard requirement that the car should pick up only the owner or the person who imported the car, impound lots soon will be hammered only “buckles”. Plus, where to send the receipt of payment of the fine “buckles”? On the border lit up with Moldavian and if it is there in Moldova will be sent a bill, he will ignore. To really punish the owner “badges” impossible.”

On the other hand, if the owners “EuroBLECH” will understand that their violation will have to pay for the car in the future they can become one of the most law-abiding drivers.

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