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Experts compared the most popular batteries for cars in Ukraine

Эксперты сравнили самые популярные аккумуляторы для авто в УкраинеWhat battery should I choose for my car.

Journalists conducted laboratory tests of the most popular car batteries in Ukraine. All tested samples were purchased from independent sellers in the usual auto shops.

Unlike tests, in which samples are provided to manufacturers, our test excludes the possibility of testing the “ideal” samples, produced specifically for the test.

The results are somewhat surprised did not win the most hyped on the market battery Atomik, closely followed by has long been popular in the market Bosch, Varta and Topla. The table “rating of the batteries in Ukraine” shows the data laboratory testing conducted by the independent online edition in 9 most well-known and consumed brands on the market of batteries in Ukraine.

Inrush current specified on the battery label, does not always meet the claimed figures, so the indicator was tested separately. Test results are summarized in one table for convenience and clarity.

What information will be useful to any motorist when choosing a battery?

1) Capacity of the battery, which is declared by the manufacturer is the amount of electric energy, which will give the battery for a certain amount of time.

2) types of battery manufacturing technology: Lead-acid battery is the simplest and most common form of batteries. These types are low-cost and practical, as the possibility of topping up or replacement of the electrolyte allows you to successfully extend their service life and even to revive some of the models. In a gel battery uses gelled electrolyte that has the appearance of a gel structure (thickened silicon compounds). They are able to operate at any angle and are hermetically closed. These batteries can sustain deep discharges, but I’m afraid of overcharging. Another factor – they have a higher price. Battery that is made by technology AGM. Data battery combines the characteristics of lead – acid and gel – resistant to vibration loads, but at the same time they are critically sensitive to deep discharge and overcharge.

3) the Polarity is the layout of the plus and minus terminals on the case. It is important to know because the electrical system most cars have short the positive (power) wire, so the battery with the opposite polarity impossible.

4) Current cold-start or inrush current is the basic unit adopted in Ukraine and in almost all countries of Europe EN (European unit): it indicates the maximum current that the battery can give for 10 seconds at a temperature of minus 18C,the lower threshold voltage in this method, 7,5 V. f

Эксперты сравнили самые популярные аккумуляторы для авто в Украине

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