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Experts called the security system of the future

Эксперты назвали систему безопасности будущегоAccording to specialists, in the future, facial recognition will eliminate the need for passwords and keys.

Soon it will be possible to forget passwords, pins, fingerprints, credit cards and, ultimately, even about metal house keys, and car. The facial recognition technology will radically change our understanding of security.

On the market there are already laptops that can read facial features, but the rapid development of this technology will lead to the fact that very soon such authentication systems will appear in our smartphones. Qualcomm, leader in mobile processors, has recently introduced a system of image processing Spectra which can extract depth information from objects, including faces. The company plans to use this technology in the next generation of Snapdragon processors. Rumor has it that jubilee iPhone 8 will also feature a facial recognition, which will replace the now-familiar Touch-ID.

Face identification technology is not new. It is widely used in security systems and surveillance cameras when you need to identify in the crowd the offender and to compare his face with millions of others in the database. However, in mobile everything is much simpler: the user’s face, captured on HD camera from a distance of arm’s length is definitely more clear and “readable”.

Face recognition is often based on the technology of definition of the image depth, the so-called “structured light”, which “sprays” thousands of tiny infrared dots on the man’s face. They allow the camera to read the unique pattern of individuals about as with fingerprints. And since the phone camera can see infrared rays, and the people there, to unlock the smartphone even in the dark. It’s kind of an abbreviated version of the motion sensor Kinect on Xbox 360. Perhaps it is no coincidence that in 2013, Apple acquired the developer of the Kinect.

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