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Experts called the main problem of AMOLED displays

Эксперты назвали главную проблему AMOLED-дисплеевThese screens are particularly vulnerable to burnout.

The battle of LCD and OLED displays continues. However, still unclear how soon OLED technology can completely take the place of the LCD, because the future in any way for flexible smartphones, where the use of LCD panels is unacceptable. Currently, LCD displays are generally show itself is still better than OLED. One of the reasons is burnout pixels, what is facing every owner of a smartphone with an OLED display. Let’s define what it is and how to deal with it.

What is burnout display? It manifests itself over time, and noticeable, if you open on a smartphone a white background and inspect the place, where usually are the navigation buttons and status bar. Typically, these areas are lighter than the rest of the display area.

Why OLED displays burn out? The whole point of technology. The sub pixels (diodes) OLED-displays (blue, red, green) have different service life. If you look deeper, the problem is in the blue sub-pixel whose luminance is significantly lower than the brightness of the red and green subpixels. Therefore, in order to balance, increase the flow of current to the blue diodes, this, in turn, leads to reduction of their service life. Therefore, color reproduction of the display will go to the green and red colors due to the gradual weakening of blue diodes — a process called burnout.

OLED displays eventually fade in places where the frequently used blue or white, and in places where using a black color, on the contrary, the subpixels retain their properties. In an example, the navigation buttons that are located on a black background, so the display area over time does not lose its qualities in contrast to the rest of the screen.

To avoid burnout display, different manufacturers use different methods. One of them — the periodic shift of the picture by a few pixels. This is necessary in order to display burnt out evenly (it will fade anyway). The main thing — that during use, the display of which are a long time in one place. It may be an icon, and the words — everything. Try to change the icons, change Wallpaper often desktop. It is advisable to use dark Wallpapers to burnout display took place more slowly.

To combat burnout Samsung uses PenTile technology, where the blue diodes more in size that makes possible a lower current is applied to them, respectively, the service life of the blue diodes will be higher.

Try not to use the maximum display brightness: the lower the brightness, the less current needs to be coupled to the diodes. Try not to leave OLED smartphone display is enabled without the need. Use your keyboard with dark themes, try sometimes to change keyboards if smartphone supports themes, change them periodically. Try to use night mode in apps, this will reduce the burnout of the display.

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