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Experts advise how to get rid of delayed onset muscle soreness

Эксперты посоветовали, как избавиться от крепатурыYou will help heat and massage.

Sooner or later every person experiences unpleasant consequences are too active working a weekend at the cottage or overly intense workouts in the gym. We are talking about delayed onset muscle soreness which may be several days to knock a person off track.

Delayed onset muscle soreness is the soreness in the muscles that occur due to the accumulation in them of toxins, namely lactic acid. She appears in the muscles when the body unusual for physical exercise. Also soreness can be associated with a variety of microinjuries that arise during exercise (e.g., stretching of muscles, etc.). Soreness is not a disease, in a few days it will pass. However, the physical discomfort that it gives a person, can be quite substantial and affect the overall condition and performance. If you suffer no strength, it is better to resort to certain means to combat the symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

A first aid kit in the delayed onset muscle soreness the following:

1. Physical activity. Oddly enough, this is the first method of dealing with delayed onset muscle soreness. It is quite effective, but very painful, you have to force yourself to overcome the pain. Sore muscles need to get to work again, they will come in tone, and the discomfort will soon go away. Do not get too intensely into, but small charging or running will help to save the situation. Physical exercise will improve blood circulation which will promote rapid loss of toxins from the body.

2. Heat. Improving blood circulation will help the warm compresses applied to the painful areas of the body. Also save the situation, the adoption of a warm bath, it will be pleasant and helpful. After such procedures the discomfort in the muscles go away or become less noticeable.

3. Massage. This method helps to quickly remove toxins from the muscles by tactile contact with them. Massage is a very effective way of dealing with delayed onset muscle soreness, but rather painful. Man must decide what is best for him to suffer once in severe pain, or a few days less severe pain. After a good massage from delayed onset muscle soreness will be gone the next day.

4. Food. Everything in the human body are interrelated and a proper diet will help to forget about delayed onset muscle soreness. To relieve pain in the muscles you need to eat foods which contain vitamin a, C, E, drink green tea. In addition, you must comply with special drinking regime: drink up to 2-3 liters of fluid per day, then the toxins will appear faster. It is best to drink fresh juices or water without gas.

Prevention and treatment of delayed onset muscle soreness

Is it possible to prevent the development of delayed onset muscle soreness? You can, for this muscle it is necessary to prepare for the upcoming load. Before training or country work, you should do a warm-up, after the end of the activity to take a contrast shower. You also need to drink plenty of fluids after your workout.

If nothing is done, the soreness usually lasts about 3 days. If the muscles ache quite a long time and should be concerned and consult a doctor: they may have been damaged and need to be rebuilt with the help of medical procedures and tools.

With pain syndrome during delayed onset muscle soreness will help to deal special creams topical application or conventional painkillers. But if it is possible to cope without medication, you need to do it.

Delayed onset muscle soreness is a sign that the time was spent actively in the physical plane. If you give load the muscles constantly, they are very quick to adapt and will not get sick.

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