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Expert ridiculed the existence of paid antivirus software

Эксперт высмеял существование платных антивирусовAccording to experts, in the modern world there is no need in such programs.

Expert popular resource Mashable explained why average Internet users can opt-out from anti-virus programs. Jack mores, believes that paid services Avast, “Kaspersky Lab”, “Doctor Web” and their analogues irrevocably.

As noted, mores, while many anti-virus services offer paid programs to protect a computer, users can easily use the free apps built into the operating system. For example, the owners of devices with Windows can choose Windows Defender.

“Windows Defender is malware protection that is already built into Windows. This software helps identify and remove viruses, spyware and other malicious software” – note the representatives of Microsoft.

Different antivirus programs that are installed on the same computer can conflict with each other. Thus, if the user wants to install the paid app, it should uninstall Windows Defender.
Apple also offers the Mac-built-in protection from viruses and Trojans.

“Gatekeeper to block apps created by malware developers. If the application developer is not identified, then the program will protect the computer by preventing the installation of the file,” it says on the website of “Apple” company.

Experts emphasize integrated security in Windows or macOS can not protect computers from all Internet threats. However, instead of buying expensive solutions, you can take advantage of free offers. For example, Kaspersky Free “automatically blocks dangerous downloads and warns you about malicious web sites”.

Thus experts suggest corporate users to abandon the purchase of the unified platform for desktop security.

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