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Expert opinion: what ingredients need to be afraid of the nail polishes

Finding a natural nail Polish is not an easy task. By choosing the shade of your dreams in a salon, you probably do not think about the composition, which includes harsh chemicals. Natural alternatives exist. “Safe” coatings are classified into categories depending on the amount of harmful substances that they do not exist. Together with the experts understand why it is so important to carefully study the label and what is behind the terrible words, “formaldehyde”, “carcinogens” and “toluene”.

In 2014, invented all natural lipsticks from Logona with a patented formula. The world’s only lucky with ecocertification (only six shades). However, it is rather an exception from the rule, mainly because the composition of varnishes is far from useful.

When selecting paint, you should always remember about the three most toxic ingredients:

• toluene (toluene);
• formaldehyde (formaldehyde);
• dibutyl phthalate (dibutyl phthalates-DBP).

These substances are quite common in the nail Polish.

Dibutyl phthalate presumably provokes the growth of cancer cells. This chemical prevents breakage of the nail, but it has been proven that it interferes with the normal development of the child and in some cases, causes early menopause. Toluene adversely affects the Central nervous system (prolonged exposure to this chemical can lead to headaches, dizziness, and sometimes to serious reproductive disorders). Formaldehyde — a known poison that changes the structure of the protein and used in embalming. It can also cause skin irritation and affect the nervous and immune system. But research was not conducted on humans, so the risk is only potential,

— explained the expert OPI Olga Generalova.

She added that to the visible negative impact need a significant dose of these substances, but it’s better to avoid them in the composition of their nail polishes, because it does not exclude individual intolerance to these components, and a negative reaction even to a small content of a component.




Despite the fact that Cosmetic Ingredient Review (an organization dedicated to research supported by the American Food and Drug Administration) has recognized these components are safe in a certain concentration, none of the existing eco-standards do not consider them environmentally friendly.

Lucky marked 5 Free are made without formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor or formaldehyde resin.

Camphor preserves the color and prolongs the life of varnish. Not as bad as previous instances, but recently it has been proven that it can cause serious skin reactions, and inhalation — nausea, dizziness and headaches. Formaldehyde resin is not directly related to cancer, like formaldehyde, but noted that it causes dermatitis in some patients

— said the expert of the salon “the Muscovite Brow & Beauty Bar”, which are organic, with minimal content of harmful impurities in cosmetics.

In the varnish composition 7 marked Free you will not find chemicals, which are described above, as well as xylene and triphenyl. The first may cause dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and the second is potentially toxic to the liver cells.




Formula varnishes 8 Free also do not contain ethyl triphenyl tosylamide and and 9 Free, produced without parabens and acetone.

Parabens mimic the hormone estrogen and linked to breast tumors, and acetone is a chemical substance which is mostly considered safe, but inhalation can cause inflammation of the throat.

Lucky 10 Free not contain any harmful additives and animal products, so these funds can be called vegan.

We have compiled for you a selection of brands of nail polishes that offer a natural alternative to aggressive chemicals listed above. For example, the brand Jin Soon, created by two masters of manicure in 2012, is one of the few that produces the lucky 10 Free. The composition of varnishes supplemented with sunscreen. The color is very dense and rich, so it can safely be put in a single layer.

The first nail Polish without the toxic substances created and named our compatriot Zoe Raises, she founded the brand Zoya. The formula is also Free 10, in the range of palette of all colors of the rainbow. Plus paints more than a thousand positive reviews on Amazon. British brand London Town went even further. In addition, the means of the nine harmful ingredients, the composition also has vitamins and oil for nails.

Brand Piggy Paint was created by a caring mother who was worried about the chemicals in the nail Polish of their children. Lucky brand natural and odorless.
By the way, there are varnishes and water-based (Acquarella, Suncoat Girl, Honeybee Gardens). Composed of just a few products: water, dyes (often mineral pigments) and polymers. However, durability of such funds is not to be envied — day maximum.

Lucky Fedua and Smith & Cult, we can find in the same “Muscovite Brow & Beauty Bar”, too, is not harmful to health. And to strengthen nails salon experts recommend that their clients coverage IBX. It strengthens and vyravnivanie the nail plate, and serves as the protective base for gel manicure.


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