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Expert opinion: should I use toner

Many people believe that toner is a very useful tool, without which it is possible to do. However, doctors dermatocosmetologists will never stop telling my clients that the cleansing and toning stages, which should begin a daily skin care. SPLETNIK.RU together with the experts to understand this question.

Tonics of the past generation, tend to be very dry and really not needed for most types of skin, says dermatologist from new York Segal Sah.

Agree with him and Korean beauty expert and founder of Savor Beauty Angela Jia Kim:

Tonic recently undergone an amazing transformation, they are from the junk funds have become a necessary product for the hydration of the skin. Previously, the tonic contained alcohol, which dissolves surface fat, thereby drying the skin, and in the new product includes the nutritional ingredients.

Elena Vinokurova, doctor-dermatologist and injectionist beauty Institute Babor in a Clearing, sure and tonic is the product essential:
Its main function is to complete the process of cleansing the skin (I noticed that even after make-up removal and skin cleansing lotion, milk or foam, wetted with tonic with a cotton disk there are traces of contaminants?). On the market today cleansing about yourself declared a new category of products come from Korea, namely the new generation of tonics, in addition to providing traditional tonic effect more and more care. They got the names of essence-tonics.Why you need a tonic?

Molecules tonics new generation thanks to its unique adaptive structure join cell membranes of the stratum corneum and improve their ability to absorb, bind and retain moisture while reducing their permeability to aggressive substances from the outside.

If we used that classic tonic only moisturize, freshen and soothe, your essence-tonics, among other things, maintain the barrier function and protect the lipid mantle, supporting healthy cleansing and detox.

Another function of any tonic — restoring pH balance. We wash quite hard tap water, besides some cleansing beauty tools can also disrupt the acid-alkaline balance of the skin. Tonic quickly cope with this problem and brings the pH back to normal and optimally prepares the skin for further care and impact other products (ampoules, concentrates, serums, creams and masks).

Tonic does not solve global problems — it alone can not cope with the inflammation, enlarged pores, dull complexion, but minimizes this discomfort exactly. With regular use tonic in the morning and evening (you remember that clean skin is necessary twice a day? Not just before bed, exercising make-up remover, but in the morning after sleep) you will notice that your skin will become fresh, complexion improves, the tone will be smoother, will be a feeling of tightness of the skin. Don’t believe me — spend a two-week experiment

says expert at the Institute of beauty Babor.

How to apply?

Tonic should be used twice daily after cleansing or exfoliation (peeling should not be more than once a week). Apply it on a cotton pad and massage into face, neck and decollete. The area around the eyes should be avoided.

In the distribution of tonic on the face it is better to move from the centre to the periphery: from the center of the forehead to the temples, from the wings of the nose to the ears, from the center of the chin to the ears. When embarking on the décolleté and neck move upwards towards the chin. Toner no need to rinse off and immediately apply the next product.

Some experts advise to apply toner directly to the skin immediately after the shower.
When the skin is wet, it absorbs better ingredients, providing a deeper power, explains Kim.

How to choose toner for your skin type?

For dry skin, the composition will comprise moisturizing ingredients such as aloe extract, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, glycerol. Tonic for sensitive skin may contain soothing ingredients such as chamomile, rose or cornflower. For oily and combination skin product with a matte effect and the composition may include zinc and moisturizing ingredients. For oily skin the composition may be tea tree oil, calendula extract, zinc, salicylic acid. The composition of toners for normal skin can enter thermal spring water, it enriches the skin with minerals and trace elements.

For sensitive skin

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