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Expert opinion: is useful to wash with carbonated mineral water

There are many ways to clean the skin, using plain water from the splash of masks and oils to micellar and wipes for removing makeup. However, recently on the Internet is gaining popularity alternative method. Girls around the world wash their sparkling water. SPLETNIK.RU understand all the pros and cons and asked the experts what they think about this.

Carbonated water in cosmetic products, such as cloth masks and tonics have long been used in Japan and Korea. This makes girls and homemade experiments

— said recently the founder of Soko Glam, Charlotte Cho in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

It all started with the Japanese resorts, where mineral water used to treat certain skin problems. Then resourceful girls began to add mineral water to the tub before bathing, and cosmetics brands has released a special mineralized powders that can be dissolved in ordinary water, saturating it with nutrients.

A supporter of washing soda is a dermatologist from Miami Robert Del Campo. The water from the tap the pH is equal to 7-7,5, and it can cause dryness. Our leather set this value to 5,5 — like soda water. So it helps to recover after washing, like any tonic. Soda will clean the body fat and minerals will make your skin healthy.

In addition, Del Campo says that carbonated water acts as a vasodilator which means it improves blood circulation and complexion.

Sparkling water is an option for those with sensitive skin. The main drawback — the cost. This method is not only beneficial to the skin, but refreshing and can be a great way to awaken skin in the morning.

Galina Ryazanova, chief technologist of the laboratory of modern cosmetics Mixit, also says that washing with bottled water is by far healthier than the untreated from the tap, as in standard city water a lot of impurities even after the process of passing through the filters.

Mineral water is literally a periodic table for our skin. It contains almost all the necessary range of mineral elements and trace elements, as well as moisturizes and improves blood circulation, works as a powerful tonic. Mineral water has immunostimulant and tonic effect, eliminates the feeling of tightness and improves the complexion.

For dry and normal skin more suitable water medium – and low-mineralized (up to 500 milligrams of salt per liter), but for oily skin it is better to take more saturated with salts, it will help to tighten pores and reduce Shine. Water with lots of salts may also be for oily skin as sebum-regulating tonic and brackish if you have dry skin — as a toner regulating the acid-alkaline balance after make-up remover.

The main rule — the less gas in mineral water, the softer it will affect the skin (you can open the bottle and let the water stand for at least half an hour before use).

Expert advises to stick to mineral water gradually. Apply it a couple of times a week, watch the reaction of the skin (usually the effect becomes noticeable after two to three months of regular use). By the way, don’t be surprised if when sharing mineral water and cleansers (gel cleanser) they will foam slightly worse than usual.

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