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Expert opinion: do serum for eyelash growth

Serum for growth of eyelashes an incredible promise: to make them longer, thicker and shinier. But let’s be realistic: if there is a sense in these funds? We understand together with experts.

Dermatologist and doctor of medical Sciences Francesco Fusco’m sure that most of the growth serum for lashes and eyebrows but… only to a certain extent. Some simply nourish follicles of hair, preventing breakage, so has grown the lashes look more shiny and thick. Others, such as Latisse, are composed of active ingredients that are responsible for the increase in the number of lashes and their thickness. Extensive studies confirm their effectiveness.

The main active ingredient — bimatoprost. It prolongs the growth phase (stimulates growth of hair follicles). This drug is the so-called “standard” prostaglandins of this type is deemed to be effective as an enhancer eyelash growth, but belongs to a class of medicines that requires formicinae and registration of the Ministry of health (such license and registration is only Latiss). All other funds are registered as cosmetic or not recorded at all.

In any case, the result, in one night you will not see — in order to acquire a lash to brow bone, it will take time. On average you will need about eight weeks, so they began to look visibly longer and thicker.

Magical properties of a serum like Lash Boost from Rodan & Fields (and OG, Latisse), was first discovered in the treatment of glaucoma. One of the side effects of these drops was that patients grew long and luxurious lashes, says Dr. Eliz Haberman, associate Professor of ophthalmology.


Not all serums for eyelashes is the same. Look for the ingredients already mentioned above, bimatoprost, isopropyl cloprostenate or other prostaglandin analogues (fatty acids that cause hormonal effects, including hair growth). Serum without the primary component of TNT (neuLASH, Shiseido Full Lash and Brow Serum) are essentially air conditioners for eyelashes, which can make them longer by moisturizing and softening, but not actually stimulate growth.

They contain panthenol (vitamin B5), which improves the health of the skin and optimizes the ability of prostaglandins to signal the growth of hair.


Such products cannot be called completely safe. Recently, against Rodan & Fields had filed a class action lawsuit. Those who used the tool said that because of the serum they were red and very swollen eyes, allergies. However most people have little reason for concern; if you apply the serum in accordance with the instruction (it must be applied only on the lash line, avoiding the eyelids and getting directly in eyes), you’ll be fine.

In rare cases Boost Lash or Latisse can cause hyperpigmentation (or darkening) of the eyelid skin, and in some cases hyperpigmentation of the iris — especially be careful of patients with hazel or green eyes. In the former case, everything is fixable (just stop using the serum), but with the iris to remove the dark spots will not succeed.

Pregnant and lactating women, Allergy sufferers, people undergoing chemotherapy, and people with sensitive eyes to use such means is not worth it. If you really want to grow long eyelashes, use good old castor oil.

It contains retinoeva acid and fatty acids omega-6 which help to ensure the blood flow to the area to increase hair growth. Apply it with a liner brush every night on clean skin. In addition, you can also apply a little coconut oil on the brush for mascara and comb eyelashes. So they become softer. Rosemary oil is also useful

says Board-certified dermatologist Callie Papantoniou.

However, according to some experts, there are no studies that have scientifically confirmed that the use of castor oil stimulates the growth of eyelashes.

As dommery doctors suggest a diet high in vitamins and proteins. Do not RUB the eye as this increases the probability of eyelashes. Lash care is also important, if you want to improve their condition, regardless of whether you use serum or not. If possible, avoid using waterproof mascara and gently remove eye makeup. Keep in mind that if you have dandruff, the scalp it can go to eyebrows and eyelashes. This leads to the fact that they will fall out.

Now that you know what whey is not a waste of money, look the best remedies for eyelash growth, to see which formula is right for you.


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