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Expert opinion: as the radiation from the phone screen affects our skin

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Experts in health have long warned us that the constant zapisane the phone is fraught will perenapryazhenie eyes. But can the blue light from the screens of gadgets to damage our skin? We understand together with experts.

What is blue light?

Blue light is the short wavelength range of visible radiation, which has the highest energy (not to be confused with UVA or UVB rays), says Shari, Marchbein, Board-certified dermatologist and associate Professor at new York University.

According to the American Academy of ophthalmology, the main source of blue light is the sun. However, we also received a significant “dose” artificial blue light from energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps and LCD displays, electronic devices (mobile phones, computers and televisions. Many doctors believe that for a long time with the gadget in the hands contributes to the development of dry eye syndrome, cataract, glaucoma and other diseases.

However, the blue light isn’t the enemy. It plays an important role in maintaining our health as it regulates the circadian rhythms of our body — a natural sleep cycle. Blue light also enhances mood, improves memory and cognitive function, said Meenakashi Gupta, associate Professor of ophthalmology Medical school in new York.

Is it true that blue light damages our skin?

This year, beauty brands intensified and began to produce funds on skin care products that promise to fight against the hated blue light. Does this mean that he is so dangerous?

Oksana Ryzhkova, training Manager, expert Dermatological laboratories Uriage.

Irradiation of the skin visible blue light stimulates the production in cells of reactive oxygen species and enzymes that destroy the matrix. Blue light causes damage to mitochondrial DNA and production of free radicals in skin cells.

Every day there is increasing evidence that blue light contributes to photo-aging, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

To test the hypothesis that blue light causes damage to mitochondrial DNA in skin cells, the researchers investigated the structure of mitochondria in vitro in three hours after exposure to the visible radiation source and compared it to the mitochondria contained in the dark.

In this experiment, it was confirmed that the isolated mitochondria exposed to blue light, produces a singlet oxygen — superoxide anion (radical), which is the main element responsible for damage to mitochondrial DNA. On the basis of the conducted research, the scientists came to the conclusion that, visible blue light may cause cell dysfunction through the action of active oxygen on DNA, and that this process can affect the molecular aging of cells. If you just —Yes, blue light leads to visible skin changes, including redness and pigmentation.

Who is at risk?

In General, almost all:

According to statistics, each person spends on average six hours in front of the screen of the gadget. So if you have a smartphone — you are at risk, says Oksana Ryzhkova.

The expert warns that natural blue light is harmless. But artificial blue light is dangerous regardless of what time of day you use the gadgets and how much time it actually spent. This load causes oxidative stress in the cells of the body, leading to skin aging. Some dermatologists claim that they have already noticed the effects of skin damage from blue light in their patients.
Many girls who come to see me, I see unusual hyperpigmentation on cheeks and facial contours. Think it is because we constantly hold the phone to your ear, says Loretta Ciraldo.

According to the expert, especially careful should be people with sensitive to the sun the skin and skin diseases such as lupus and rosacea. Keep in mind that SPF, which protect from UV rays, powerless against blue light rays. Need beauty-products containing iron oxide, which is known to block visible light. Try invisible sunscreen Supergoop! seaweed. It is specifically designed to protect the skin from blue light.

Whether working products for skin care against the blue

Experts remind that the majority modern gadgets already have a preset function of “filter blue”. In order to protect themselves from exposure to HEV rays, do not neglect this useful innovation, and increase the screen brightness to maximum. If such functions in your phone or tablet, you can download the appropriate application.

In addition, your helpers in the fight against blue light will be the products containing so-called filter against HEV-rays, for example gamma means Age Protect from Uriage, within which there is an innovative patented complex BLB (barrier against blue light). To counter the artificial blue light, our skin needed a protective filter, can prevent the process of cellular oxidation.

A similar tool is and brand SkinMedica. Series Lumiview seed extract cocoa too, according to developers, protect from blue light.

Even if you are sensitive to the sun, Marchbein recommends antioxidant-rich serum to counteract the effects of blue light:
I love the antioxidant serum for oily and normal skin, Phloretin CF from Skinceuticals that contains vitamin C, Frolovo acid and? phloretin. Mineral sunscreens and beauty products containing iron oxide, can also help to neutralize the negative consequences.

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