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Expert: Lime tea will save citizens from hypoxia

Эксперт: Липовый чай спасет горожан от гипоксииNow is the time to collect these sweetly smelling flowers and make them tasty tea.

Heat and change of weather in big cities tolerated quite difficult due to excessive air pollution and a simple lack of oxygen, but the doctors assure to improve the condition and maintain the body can be proven folk remedy.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

Hypoxia in the hottest period occurs, the majority of citizens, in other words – is the basic lack of oxygen, due to which affects the heart, liver, kidney and primarily the brain. Especially such a condition is dangerous for people prone to arrhythmias and pressure surges having heart ailments and chronic diseases, whereas young people who do not have obvious pathologies and diseases, can not even notice. However, this does not mean that such a state will be consequences for the internal systems of the body.

“In the villages and towns of the heat to be transferred much easier than in the big city, where the asphalt is literally melting under their feet, and smoke from cars envelop the sidewalks. Naturally, in such conditions, the body is starved of oxygen, a so-called hypoxia. To counter this phenomenon is difficult – except to leave the village or spend the summer in the mountains of the Carpathians. To facilitate and aid the body in the work there are many preparations, but I would recommend not to rush to take them, especially without consulting a doctor.

Copes with hypoxia has long been known remedy is chamomile. It has a positive impact on the brain and internal organs, soothes and even quenches thirst. Linden tea is completely harmless and suitable for daily use. It can give even small children (of course, the tea should be strong) to improve sleep and soothe them. Especially useful to drink lime before bedtime – it will help you relax and sleep well”, – says the expert.

Lipa also shown to restore the nervous system and the heart in heart failure, atherosclerosis, and also as a mild natural sedative.

By the way, mistakenly believed that healing properties have only the Linden flowers, but it’s not – the leaves and seeds, remaining inflorescences, contain not less active ingredients and, by the way, can be collected in the month of July. It is important to remember that the gathering place should be clean and to stay as far away from roads and crowded places.

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