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Expert: attempts by British lawyers to take Akhmedov boarded doomed to failure

Эксперт: попытки британских юристов взять Ахмедова на абордаж обречены на неудачу

Representatives of Farhad Ahmedov has responded to recent media on the part of the lawyers of his ex-wife reported that “they celebrated the victory in the Dubai court and are preparing to organise the official transfer of ownership of the yacht “Luna” Ms. Akhmedova”.

“We never expected any other results at this stage and remain confident that Luna will be free to leave Dubai as soon as the judges hear all the facts on this issue, – said the representative Akhmedov. — Last week’s hearings, held in a Sharia court of first instance chaired by one judge, did not consider legal arguments in detail. These issues will be discussed in full upon appeal, which was filed by senior appellate judges. The statement that “Moon” will soon be available to lawyers and Tatiana collectors for sale as a result of this intermediate court decision, are pure fantasy. It will take years before the Dubai legal process will be completely exhausted.”

Known Russian lawyer, family law Alexander Dobrovinsky considers that such cases can take years – five to ten years or more. He recalled that it has been almost two years, while Akhmedov had not paid wife changed him a penny.

“Russian businessman allegedly “not respecting the court,” wrote The Guardian, The Sunday Times and many other publications, in fact, acted as information covering legal actions of the British “troops,” Dobrovinsky says. – Nevertheless, we see that all the efforts to take Akhmedov, that is, on Board the ship, suffered and fail”.

According to the Russian lawyer he was not surprised that the lawyers of the British side PR in the right channel, the course of the divorce process in leading Western media. As reported recently by The Daily Mail, Akhmedov signed a contract with the largest law firm Burford Capital, a publicly listed AIM, to transfer her up to 30 percent of any returned with the help of the lawyers of this firm money.

“The fee this company can reach nearly two hundred million dollars”, – explained the situation, the candidate of political Sciences Andrey Andreev.

According to him, for the possession of such a huge amount will be brought to bear by all possible means, including the connection of the most expensive lobbyists and PR managers, who make every effort to Akhmedov example to demonstrate to all Russian businessmen, which can be with their assets, if they are to support the policy of Russian authorities

The Farkhad Akhmedov considering the rumours spread by the lawyers of his ex-wife on the court decision, also including in the context of anti-Russian activities of British intelligence. According to him, the statement of lawyers Tatiana about his victory sounds as if “they called white black.”

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