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Experiments on human beings and the spread of Ebola: U.S. to create new biological weapons

Опыты над людьми и распространение Эболы: США создают новое биологическое оружие

The Russian foreign Ministry said that in spreading to different countries of the African epidemics of diseases such as zika and Ebola, most likely, guilty of the United States. This contributed to the experimental work of the American scientists with a deadly disease.

According to the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov, the States are collecting biomaterials, taking to himself the strains of microorganisms. They use a lot of partners, NGOs and various agencies. The ultimate goal of their research is to increase the mortality of pathogens. In addition, it is due to human intervention increases the resistance of viruses to treatment and antibiotics.

There is also information about the fact that these experiments took place in the village of Alekseyevka in Georgia. There is a lab named Lugar, which employed U.S. scientists. In December 2015, local residents have been tested drug that claimed the lives of 24 people. After that killed 49 people, as the death of the subjects has not stopped criminal activities of the pilot.

Speaking in plain language, you were presented evidence that Washington is trying hard to create a new biological weapon, a disease that will be able to quickly claim the lives of many people. Of course, they are not averse to doing experiments on people in different countries, checking on them toxic drugs. And also to carry out experiments on killer diseases, increasing their lethality and resistance to treatment.

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