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Experiment Belko still held in Russia, but with a different name

The Belko Experiment still take place in Russia, but our fears on this account were still not groundless. First, the film changed the distributor, second – changed localized name, and thirdly, the Russian premiere was postponed.

Recall that, according to our sources, the buyer and the seller having some serious disagreements. The seller, i.e. the owner of the rights to international distribution, wanted too much. The result: instead of the company Cinema Prestige picture laminating in Russia will be “Exponential”. Last children, for example, was released in domestic theaters such films as “the Babadook”, “It follows you” and “My girlfriend is a monster.”

The distributors changed the sign for release, so now wait for not “Experiment Belko” or at least “Experiment Belko”, and Experiment “Office”. In General, it is logical, because hardly anyone in the audience in our area knows what Belko, and that’s what “the office”, know everything, or almost everything.

The Director performs Greg McLean (“Wolf pit”, “Crocodile”, “Temotu”), but much more interesting figure of the writer and producer – James Gunn not only removed both parts of the hit Guardians of the Galaxy, but a great horror-Comedy “Creep”, and also wrote the screenplay for perhaps the best remake of a horror movie ever “dawn of the dead”. In fact, rumor has it that the Experiment “the Office” is primarily a project Gunn, and McLean just hired to fulfill the order.

A typical day for employees of the company Belko Industries turns into a nightmare when they all become unwitting participants in a large-scale experiment: the mysterious voice from the speakers, instructing the employees, forcing them to kill each other.

Premiere in the USA took place in March. With a budget of five million, the film has collected to date about 10, and at the expense of DVD sales and digital distribution will definitely bring profit. In addition, the tape is very good criticism. Of course, the degree of expectation from us, Russian audiences have already considerably declined (after all, the last time we had to treat the releases of “Off” and “Alien: Testament”), but some interest the film still is.

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