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Experience edition SPLETNIK.RU: as we have done Pilates in the labour war room

Body ballet, stretching, yoga, Pilates — what types of training do not offer now a sports studios and fitness centers! But if some of them need certain conditions, special sports equipment or good training, you can do the other, even for beginners and do it at work. Our editors have tested Pilates classes, which took place just a few meters from a workplace — in the war room. About what the interests of these workouts and what they’re good for and about our impressions of the sessions with a coach Formatfit told in the material SPLETNIK.RU.

Our Pilates classes lasted nearly a month, we were engaged in twice a week for half an hour. About what is Pilates, when he was invented and who in the first place is for this kind of activity, says coach S Guramishvili, which was engaged in revision.

The Pilates system was invented in the 20-ies of the last century by American trainer Joseph Pilates, who from childhood had a lot of health problems. He could not do at the gym, as he experienced back problems, and therefore developed a system in which people with low-back pain, hernia, disc protrusion, osteochondrosis of the cervical, problems with knees and other ailments would be able to play sports.

The main advantages of Pilates

1. In addition to the Mat or mats do not need any extra ammunition or accessories. So to do it everywhere: at home, at work and even on vacation.

2. With Pilates, you can strengthen the spine, back, to work the internal muscles and those who are little involved in normal training, that is, the muscles-stabilizers.

3. Pilates help to reduce subcutaneous fat and muscle relief.

4. Pilates helps get rid of low back pain and stooped posture that often occur in office workers. By strengthening back muscles your posture will be beautiful and healthy.

5. Pilates works on improving the blood flow, so those who do not know what varicose veins.

6. This is the perfect class for pregnant women — it can be done even in the last stages.

Well and now tell you what our impressions from training in the office and whether we felt after months of training, any changes.

Mariana Pankin, editor of the news, (31)

To be honest, the Pilates at first I reacted quite skeptical. I love sport and regularly engaged in them, but preference is given to high-intensity exercise, like cardio, running and circular. Pilates, stretching, and similar classes to me always seemed rather boring and too simple, but possible once again to stretch and do any physical activity I refuse, of course, could not.

Pilates seemed to me an excellent kind of workout for those who are just starting their journey in sports. First, training built in such a way that the load each time is increased. So you should not be afraid after the first session, you will not feel like a squeezed lemon and the desire to give up your endeavor, you will not have. While you will feel your muscles the next day they will be pleasantly ache.

Second, Pilates does not involve the use of additional weight, so you can not be afraid of injury. Thirdly, all the exercises are pretty simple technically (in any case, the coach will always tell you how to do it correctly), so no you the intricacies of the hands and feet and poses yogic sleep study is not necessary.

In addition, Pilates is, in my opinion, the perfect training for occupations in the office: you will warm up and feel your muscles will get a workout and not sweat the training in a quiet pace, jumping and running do not assume, so the rest of the day you will finish in a good mood and won’t think about how would rather go to the shower.

Yana Markov, news editor, (25 years)

As people far from the sport, I was very glad of the opportunity to warm up during the day under the guidance of a specialist, while not strongly detracting from the work process. However, frankly, much of the training was not expecting.

I can in fact give 30-minute sessions several times a week, in addition to internal feelings that you are “something” done to his body, especially on the eve of the Christmas holidays, at first I thought, but the experiment still decided.

How much I was surprised when after the first class felt a surge of strength and characterized by pain in the muscles of the legs, abs and arms. It was then that I realized that Pilates is an ideal exercise for office workers. It requires a remarkable physical effort and is suitable even for those people who do not play well with the sport.

By the way, before I thought that the coach will work with us half-heartedly, lest we are too scared and didn’t drop the class. However, the Oia did not make any concessions, but on the contrary, with each training session significantly increased the load: so our muscles don’t get used and always been in good shape.

After completing the course, office training, I noted that the pain in the neck and back from constant sitting at the computer is gone, but the body has become more toned (although this goal initially, I did not put!). Coach and I parted with a slight sadness, because the format of the sport in the middle of the day, as it turned out, perfectly fit my life.

I was very grateful to the Ia for the fact that she introduced me to Pilates : now to deal with this kind of fitness one of my goals for 2019!

Margo Grigoriev, editor of the growth and distribution of the site (25 years)

Classes in the office became a revelation for me. I, like everyone, heard a lot about group training, personal trainers, and even went to the famous “striped” club (for 12 times). But in sports “casually” at work — this is some new level.

I was worried I’d be ashamed to engage with colleagues after all, to sit at the computer and discuss the working moments is one thing, but to give everything in training is another. But, it turns out, we are all human and the sport is very common. First, there was a lot to talk about, and secondly, it is not only exercise, but also a powerful psychological release from work (while working!), well and, thirdly, after class work more productive.

I liked that each of us is the coach paid attention, therefore, to boil the pot even if you want (although it had not) worked. The next day after a workout, I was literally crawling to work — so sore muscles, the existence of which I had no idea.

Still I was pleasantly surprised that the coach asked about contraindications and for all sessions established with a group of psychological contact. Still, during operation, emotional release never hurts. As a result, the training not only saved my never the extensor back, but also helped to embark on the path of healthy lifestyle.

After Pilates, I had incentive to continue to act — we have already signed up to the gym and going walking together after work on a Boxing lesson. And sweet incidentally, I also stopped eating.

Now, looking back, I can safely say that it was a great experience and everyone can make for himself a bold and useful step.

Our coach gave some useful tips, following which you will see positive results after a few days. These rules are simple — it will only need 10-15 minutes of free time every day and, of course, desire.

– Do not overdo it and start small — do every day for some exercise and then slowly increase the load.

– A great exercise that you can do even while sitting at workplace will be circular motion of the shoulders back and forth.

– It is very important that the brain received blood, in the fettered position in which you sit at a computer, slows blood flow, that disturbed brain process, falling performance, and even impaired vision. Do exercises for the cervical — to do this, make a semicircle head in one and other party, while not flame back, as they can strain the cervical vertebrae.

– Don’t forget about the back for those all day sits behind the computer, it is very important. The exercise is simple: put your hands up, get your elbows out to the sides and pinch the shoulder blades together.

– Many people mistakenly think that fitness is directed only to lose weight and build muscle. But first and foremost it is about health, which should not be forgotten. Start to do and soon it will become your healthy habit, without which you cannot live.

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