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Exotic vacation: amazing country Comoros. Photo

Экзотический отдых: удивительная страна Коморские острова. ФотоThe area is quite exotic and unique.

The government of the Union of Comoros is located on three Islands — Ngazidja (Grande Comore), Mwali (Mohéli), Nzwani (Anjouan) that are United by a common name Comoros.

Comoros is located in the vastness of the Mozambique channel.

The Islands composing the Comoros archipelago are of volcanic origin. The piling up of volcanic masses are concentrated in the Central Islands, and a narrow lowland formed by the shore. Reproached located on the island of Njazidja the largest force in the Islands volcanoes. It reaches a height of 2560 meters, is the highest point in the island country. In the cold season the average temperature is 23° C, the hottest period of the — 28° C. In the mountains falls nearly 1,100 millimeters of precipitation per year, and in the coastal lowlands, this number reaches 3000 mm.

In the many craters of extinct volcanoes formed a freshwater lake. On the volcanic slopes sheltered from the prevailing winds grow thick tropical forests in the lowlands and at the foot of the mountains is the Savannah and dense shrubs. On the Islands inhabited by endemic animals and bristly hedgehogs, lemurs, giant bats.

As a result of archaeological excavations established that the Islands of the Comoro archipelago was inhabited in the V century. At the end of the XV century on the Islands Nzwani and Njazidja were formed the settlements of the Arabs. From the XVII century on the island starts a mass migration of people from Madagascar, Africa, Indonesia. The Arabs created the settlement in the coastal areas, Africans and other immigrants settled in the interior.

In 1841, France occupied the island of Mahora, was subsequently seized all of the Islands. In 1909, the Comoros was officially declared a French colony. After the Second world war among the inhabitants of the Islands have intensified the struggle for independence. The 1974 referendum, 95% of the population voted for the independence of the Islands, however, over 60% of the inhabitants of the island, the Mahora voted against independence. 6 July 1975, had recognized the sovereignty of the Republic of Comoros. The island of Mahora remained an overseas colony of France.

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Экзотический отдых: удивительная страна Коморские острова. Фото

The Union of the Comoros belongs to the group themselves underdeveloped countries in the world. Minerals on the Islands there. The main branch of economy is agriculture. To provide the population with food on plantations to grow rice, sweet potatoes, cassava, bananas. Although fully provide the population with the products can not, therefore, half of the required foods have to be imported. Plantations are grown is required in the perfume industry, essential oil plants ylang-ylang, Jasmine, lemon balm.

Export essences of ylang-ylang, which is obtained from the flowers of a special kind of Orchid, the country is in first place worldwide and in second place in the production and export of vanilla. Manufacturer of dry vanilla is using only manual labor. This is an extremely time-consuming process. To obtain 1 kg of dry vanilla need to collect and process 3 to 4 pounds of green. Comoros ranks third in the world to collect and export cloves. The bulk of this aromatic seasoning is being exported to Indonesia. Industrial production is concentrated on small processing companies producing essential oils and dry vanilla.

Экзотический отдых: удивительная страна Коморские острова. Фото

The main mode of transport in the Comoros are cars and small boats. Only on the Islands has nearly 900 kilometers of roads, more than 440 kilometers have asphalt coating. Railways no. For links between the Islands using small boats and air transport. Port Mutsamudu located on the island of Ngazidja can serve ocean-going vessels of small and average displacement. Ocean-going vessels of large displacement remain at anchor in the open sea near the cities of Moroni and Fomboni on the island Mwali. International airport is located near the country’s capital Moroni.

On the Islands the vast majority of the population — the Comorians or antalaotra. Nation the Comorians formed as a result of the mixing of African people with Arabs, immigrants from India, Malagasy and other peoples at different times have occupied the Islands of the Comoro archipelago. Besides them there are around 5 thousand representatives of the ethnic groups Makua, 2 thousands of Arab and Malagasy people and a small number of Europeans. More than 90% of the population live and work in rural areas.

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Экзотический отдых: удивительная страна Коморские острова. Фото

The capital of the Union of Comoros is Moroni, located on the island Ngazidja. The main attraction of the capital – the Palace of the people, which was built in 1985. The administrative center of the island Nzwani is Mutsamudu and Mali – Fomboni.

International tourism in the country develops slowly. Tourists arrive on the island to admire the colourful volcanic slopes, and lakes, relax on beaches and to be engaged in underwater hunting around coral reefs.

The Comorian franc (CF or KMF), equal to 100 centimes. In circulation are banknotes in denominations of 10000, 5000, 2500, 1000 and 500 francs, coins of 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 franc, 20 centimes.

Экзотический отдых: удивительная страна Коморские острова. Фото

The main attraction of the Comoros, is an unspoiled wild nature, warm sea with a rich water world clean and sandy beaches. But in addition to a pleasant beach holiday, the island nation has to offer tourists to visit the Old Friday mosque, which is located in the capital Moroni.

This landmark, a popular place among tourists and is located on the shore of the Harbor. Built was the mosque presumably in 1472 and since then, for five centuries, it. The Church is made from coral limestone white color. According to traditional Arab architecture, the Old Friday mosque has arched bunk galleries, the perimeter of the roof curb and carved minaret of square section crowned by a dome of green with a Crescent.

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