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Exotic delicacies for the most reckless. Photo

Экзотические деликатесы для самых бесшабашных. ФотоThe real risk to life.

It is probably hard to find anyone who would not love travel. New cities, beautiful scenery, unusual traditions, exotic cuisine… By the way, the latter is not always included in the list of good memories. Because of colorful exotic flow sometimes hidden danger.

We suggest you do not risk too much health and take note of a few unusual dishes that you want to be careful.


Экзотические деликатесы для самых бесшабашных. Фото


A popular dish from fugu is not called “Japanese roulette”. Fish contains a deadly dose of tetrodotoxin, which is artfully reduce to an acceptable in cooking. When tasting carefully prepared puffer there is only a slight numbness of the tongue. This technique possess masters trained. The cook is responsible for people’s lives, and wishing for money to “tickle” a lot.


Экзотические деликатесы для самых бесшабашных. Фото

The Pacific and Atlantic oceans, seas basins

Lovers of extreme kitchen is a dream to taste the fish scorpena. Its meat has a pleasant taste and resembles a crab, but in the spines contains poison. Only an experienced chef can properly prepare. Fortunately, scientists have developed an antidote for poison. Red Scorpio caught near Australia and New Zealand, and some species of this sea perch inhabit the Mediterranean and Black seas.


Экзотические деликатесы для самых бесшабашных. Фото

Asia, North and South America

This is a beautiful fruit with a funny name very appetizing, and its leaves and flowers even of healing. The fruit of carambola is pleasant to the taste, but it is better to restrict myself to a few slices. After all, the carambola contains large amounts of oxalic acid that is harmful to the kidneys. But still it has neurotoxins, sometimes causing hallucinations.

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Экзотические деликатесы для самых бесшабашных. Фото


Tourists in Mexico are treated to a dish of eggs liometopum of giant ants living in the roots of the agave. In consistency they are somewhat similar to cottage cheese and tastes like a nut. The eggs themselves are harmless, but in bad faith the cooking delicacy can be poisonous black ants that is dangerous to human health.


Экзотические деликатесы для самых бесшабашных. Фото

Africa, Caribbean, Asia and South America

Properly prepared root delicate taste similar to boiled potatoes. It is served with meat, used in sauces, desserts, prepare the dough. There are a lot of nutrients, but with poor processing, it is still a toxic substance (linamarin). I especially love cassava in Africa, so the locals often eating cassava, is endemic goiter and children’s pellagra.

“Rotten cheese” Casu Marzu

Экзотические деликатесы для самых бесшабашных. Фото


This “masterpiece” of sheep cheese invented in Sardinia. Until 2010, Casu Marzu was sold illegally, and are now recognised as a local delicacy. Special taste and softness give him cheese fly larvae, accelerating fermentation. During the tasting not removed the “cheesemakers” jump and can fall into the eye. And if they accidentally swallow it, it will cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract and vomiting.


Экзотические деликатесы для самых бесшабашных. Фото


Aki (Blige) similar to a pear, and she comes from Africa. This fruit is very popular in Jamaica. Edible fruits are collected in a strictly defined period. And immature or perespevshy fruit is highly poisonous. And tasters complications can occur, called “Jamaican vomiting syndrome.” But in the ripe, opened to eat only the pulp of the fruit.

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“Century-old eggs”

Экзотические деликатесы для самых бесшабашных. Фото


The Chinese never cease to experiment with taste. They have a very unusual, but quite dangerous dish — conchoidal. Duck eggs are salted and left in the ash for 100 days. After this delicacy can be served. Looks translucent patterned egg effectively, but emits a strong smell of ammonia. According to observations, this appetizer will only fit people with “iron” stomach. Others at risk of poisoning.


Экзотические деликатесы для самых бесшабашных. Фото

The Pacific and Indian oceans

Borodavchenko is the most poisonous fish. Even touching it can be fatal. The dorsal spine fish-stone contain a deadly poison, causing a shock of pain, paralysis and tissue death. Survivors sick for months. But even this danger does not stop the chefs from Japan and Hong Kong and their customers who bought extreme-sashimi.


Экзотические деликатесы для самых бесшабашных. Фото

Southeast Asia

Colorful rambutan so I want to try! But as you know, exotic fruits are not only useful. People have previously not eaten the fruit, possible allergies and even diarrhea. Locals are advised to limit 4-5 fruits. In addition, the fruit is contraindicated in ulcers, and the seeds in the seed of the rambutan can be eaten only after cooking — fresh they are toxic.

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