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Exclusive report “the film Industry”: the Creators of “Earthquakes” talk about the film

December 7, 1988 Armenia earthquake, covering almost half of the territory of the Republic. Was destroyed the city of Spitak, Leninakan, Kirovakan, Stepanavan and more than 300 settlements. 25 thousand people died, 19 thousand were disabled, more than half a million remained without a roof over your head. The program “film industry” has asked a creative team picture “Earthquake” about how hard it was to make a film about the national tragedy.

Exclusive report “the film Industry”: the Creators of “Earthquakes” talk about the film

11 a.m., 41 minutes. The hands on the clock of the main tower of Leninakan froze. Thirty seconds, and a series of aftershocks will destroy dozens of towns and hundreds of villages in Northern Armenia, and with them — and the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The energy released then, on December 7, 1988 year, was to compare the explosion of ten atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. 25 thousand people died, more than half a million lost their homes! Behind these appalling figures is the desperation and the pain of loss that still has not subsided. For the Director of “Earthquake” by Sarik Andreasyan (he was four years) this film is a Requiem for the victims of the disaster.

Andreasyan says:Witnesses and rescue workers said the worst thing for them was when the night was quiet in the city and they heard a groan resounds throughout the city. Were live people under the rubble, but they did not physically able to help.”
The creators of “Earthquakes” talk about the film. “The film industry” from 02.12.16
Work on the scenario was conducted four years. In based on stories told by witnesses of the earthquake. The creators felt a huge responsibility, and therefore sought to be as sensitive. Peaceful scene — before the crash — was shot in Gyumri (today called Leninakan). The filming was attended by local residents. And the ruins of the city was recreated in Moscow, on the territory of an abandoned factory. On decoration area of 10 thousand square meters and has imported 8 thousand tons of construction material. Each day ended with a moment of silence.

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The role of the Anna Maria Mironova says:On the background of these events for people is understanding what is important and what is unimportant in life and all combine. The worst moment is, in my role, was that moment when you can’t even understand what happened. One, two, three, four, five, and everything is destroyed. Here is the chaos, the panic.”

Maria Mironov in the movie “Earthquake”

The core of the story — the story of two characters: a 45-year-old Konstantin Berezhnoy (in this way Konstantin Lavronenko) and 20-year-old Robert Melkonyan (starring Victor Stepanian). Many years ago, they got into a terrible car accident. The parents of a young man was killed and Constantine was found guilty and put in jail. By coincidence, careful returned to Leninakan on the day of the terrible earthquake. He does not know what to expect not only the family, but Robert, who wants to avenge the death of their parents. By the will of fate, men are in the same rescue team.

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The “earthquake”. Trailer
In the aftermath of the earthquake brought together not only the rescuers from all the republics of the Soviet Union, but also tens of thousands of volunteers. As it was, remember Ruben Dishdishyan (he co-produced the film) and Hrant tokhatyan, who played one of the roles, they were among those who cleared the debris in the disaster area. Armenia has had more than a hundred countries from all continents. After the earthquake, no child came to the orphanage, all dismantled for families. Parents Victor Stepanian, too, was among those who stood in line for adoption.

Victor Stepanian says:the film we have shown: it is the time that all of the country, people rallied. All the people rallied and were children in the orphanage. Probably about what we were showing this film.”
Photos from the shooting of “Earthquake”
Konstantin Lavronenko formulated the main appeal of the film:This movie preaches friendship and mutual assistance, awakens compassion. Whatever happens, the tragedy can not be used. This pain, which does not exist for it to be felt, not to hurt, but in order to understand how valuable a person’s life, how this life is fleeting, fragile and precious. How important it is to feel the pain of another person”.
The “earthquake”. Movie about the filming of the movie

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