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Excessive cleanliness can cause cancer of blood – scientists

Чрезмерная чистота может спровоцировать рак крови, - ученые The scientists shared the results of a new study.

Scientists from the Institute of cancer research believe that most cases of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia is associated not only with genetic predisposition, but also with the cleanliness in the house. It turns out that a sterile environment can seriously harm your health.

There were about a dozen studies, and experts came to the conclusion that cancer of the blood is formed in several stages. It all starts with a genetic predisposition, then this disease can provoke even the common cold.

The immune system of children who attended nurseries and often spent time with peers, better resists cancer of the blood, as well as type I diabetes, other autoimmune diseases and allergies than children that are isolated in the “sterile” conditions.

This means that the contamination of the dangerous infection can be prevented by training the body’s defense system is still in infancy.

Later this assumption, the researchers tested on laboratory mice. It turned out that the rodents, which was originally the predisposition to cancer and who lived in a sterile environment, often sick with blood cancer.

Earlier, the international team of scientists found that regular use of cleaning products, disinfectants may cause the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

In 30% of cases developed the disease because of the composition of cleaning agents — glutaraldehyde, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and Quaternary ammonium compounds.

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